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How to establish your new lawn turf quickly

Turf LayingYou need to make sure that you treat your new lawn like a newly born baby - look after it! Feed it, water it, caress it, talk to it if you have to, but most of all do not neglect it. The first two to three weeks are the "critical phase" in the establishment of a new lawn from turf. All too often, lawn owners have a new lawn laid then fail to look after it and then blame the company who supplied or laid the turf when problems develop after a few weeks later. Follow these simple rules to ensure that your newly laid lawn gets a head start.

Rule No 1 - Access

Do not be tempted to walk on the turf without placing boards or planks on the surface beforehand, otherwise you will be creating foot depressions in the lawn. Once you have finished accessing the lawn; remove the boards. Work from the boards at all times. You will need two lines of boards or planks, one to lay the turf off, the other to gain access to the board or plank that is closest to the turfing line. All foot traffic should be via boards and boards only and this included wheel barrows! Start turfing around the edges with one full turf and then start turfing the furthest away from the turf stack and work towards it.

Keep pets off the new lawn and ensure that they perform their daily ritual on another part of the garden.

Rule No 2 - Moisture

Whilst the lawn was growing on our turf farms, its' roots were deep into the soil (as much as 3 feet deep) and could easily find sufficient moisture. To enable the grass plants to survive and to grow a new root system, it is essential to keep the soil on the back of the turf and the soil below it sufficiently moist for the whole period of establishment (up to 4 weeks).

To enable you to apply sufficient water to your lawn the appropriate equipment will be needed. Anything less than a hosepipe is inadequate for the water volumes required and an oscillating sprinkler attached to the end would make the job easier and would apply the water more evenly. Do not drench it otherwise it will rot and do not leave the sprinkler in the same spot for more than 15 minutes. Little and often and push a knife into the ground or try and lift a turf to see if the water has soaked through underneath. Ensure the edges get watered too. If it rains, some of the lawn in particular the edges under shrub overhang may not get watered so water these by hand.

Rule No 3 - Mowing Heights

The old adage - a little and often - can be applied to grass mowing. The more you mow the more individual grass leaves will grow and therefore your lawn will have a denser sward and conversely, the more infrequently you mow the thinner the sward and the more mossy, disease ridden and weedy it will become. You do not want to take off more that 25% of the grass growth in any one mowing session. Change the direction of the mower each time you mow. Your lawn will grow quite quickly and it will need mowing about a week from laying. Check to see if the roots have got away into the soil beneath by gently trying to pull a turf upwards.

Rule No 4 - Fertilise your new lawn

Within 4 weeks following laying the new lawn and then every two to three months thereafter. Every time you mow, you remove some of the nutrients so make sure that you give your new lawn a fighting chance by feeding it with a fertiliser only (no weed or moss killer) lawn product.

Rule No 5 - Keep an eye out for lawn disease

Despite the best will in the world, welcome to real grass and real grass problems. Your old lawn may have suffered from all sorts of lawn problems and ailments but the symptons probably went unnoticed. If you notice any white/grey white mycelium like cotton wool on the new lawn, especially when the weather is warm and moist and muggy then you may have an attack of Fusarium Disease. If you notice pink mycelium on the lawn's surface then you might have an attack of Red Thread Disease.

Should you have a requirement for lawn turf or top soil you can order it from The Lawn Shop.


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Hi, we bought a new build house in November 2016. We had new turf layed by a company at the start of February 2017 so about 6 weeks ago. I wasn't at home when the company layed the turf so I'm unsure what prep work they did. However the ground is still very soft to walk on as feet sink when walked on, so I am trying to stop walking on it as much as possible. It is far to soft to mow as I fear the turf will sink with my weight and the weight of a petrol lawnmower. The lawn has weeds coming through now....what can I do

Reply - that is a shame as the lawn unless it has had a lot of water on it should be now 'firm' to gently walk over it. Pull back some turf and see what is going on underneath. Have you contacted the Turfing Contractor? It sounds like it has not been gently consolidated before the turf was laid.

You should always try and keep off a newly turved lawn for a few weeks following it being laid. It may settle down. Our suggestion would be to call the Contractor for their comments. Come back to us and images are always good too.

Uzair Farooq

I got my lawn turfed 6 weeks ago.watered it as advised but now noticed worms in certain places with yellowish patches of soil fungus. What should I do. Thanks

Reply - You will always get worms in the autumn - spring time. Control with The fungus is probably Fusarium Disease, use the search facility to call up our articles on this.


Hi sir , I have already made turf wicket and pitch is not even bouncing till the foot high ,... It is keeping very low,, what can be made to come up with that.

Reply: It sounds like there is layering on the ends where the soil is not keyed in together and the pitch of the ball energy is moving sideways instead of down then back up. Hollow tine to ameloriate the layers rubbing a different clay into the holes. Little and often. Failing that, it may be a case of digging it up. Some deep soil samples would help, especially a slice profile sample rather than a round core sample.

Robert watknson

I have had my turf laid about 3 weeks ago and as instructed I watered it twice a day for about 15 minutes each time. I was told to cut the grass when I couldn't lift it away from the soil which I have done . After mowing I noticed the Turf was soft under foot should I be worried about this.

Reply: Miss out watering the day before mowing. It should be firm, not soft. Perhaps the soil it was laid on was not correctly heel and toed in?

Yvonne Brady

Hi we are laying turf this weekend. Should we fertilise soil before turfing or someone told me to put hard sand down before turf.

Reply - before is a good guide but after you have mown your new turf for the first time. Fertiliser only from then every three months thereafter.

Alice B

I had my new turf laid 1 week ago today. When should i cut it? I havent been told anything about fertilise? What does it do and how often should i do it?

Reply - fertilise it before it was laid or two weeks after laying and usually after it's first cut then every three months. Mow once it has bedded in and take no more than 25% off the growth off initially then gradully lower the mower to your chosen height but not too short!


Some new turf has been down for a week now and a few bits seem to be dead, I don't think the person who laid the turf used any fertilizer or topsoil at all so is it worth getting fertilizer to rejuvenate the what appears to be dead turf or should I request the strips to be replaced ? I feel we have been conned somewhat...

Reply - We would call the person whow laid your lawn!


Had my turf laid down yesterday. I am concerned about over Watering it. I have been told that I should water for an hour twice a day. Is this correct advice. When is the best time to water morning or evening?

Reply - evening, no more than 10 minutes in one spot. Look after the edges. Water every other day. Lift a turf to see if it is wet underneath. Adjust watering accordingly. Fertilise it now too and 3 monthly. See


My new turf is brown on edges will it knit in ok, also how long do I keep a sprinkler on when watering.

Reply - lift the turf to see if any rain / irrigation is getting underneath. Water carefully, no more than 10 minutes in one spot, mabe every other evening. Set the kitchen timer. If your edges have browned or curled, the turf has dried out sadly. May need to locally overseed and top dress these edges.


Hi. Strife. We laid quite a large area of turf last weekend and thought all was well. However it is very soft in places and sinks easily. In retrospect I see that we should have ensured the new sandy loam that we used to even the ground was compacted more ... but what to do now? Do we lift the turf and compact? Not all areas are soft so I fear rolling over the top will make for really undulating ground....

Reply - careful consolidation of an area ahead of turfing is the success to an even surface. You will need to top dress with a 0-10mm recycled compost, little and often and the grass will grow through. May consider top dressing the complete lawn to restore the micro levels. Around 1 M3 per 300 sqm of lawns.

Simon Niven

Hi there, thank you for your gardening insight.
I had new turf laid in September last year and on the whole it looks very nice, although I should have better managed the falling leaves in Autumn as we have some areas where grass seems to have been killed. We also have several tulips and bluebells that have sprouted through the grass and if like to know the best way to remove them without damaging the grass and leaving bare spots. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance, Simon

Simon Niven

Hi there, thank you for your gardening insight.
I had new turf laid in September last year and on the whole it looks very nice, although I should have better managed the falling leaves in Autumn as we have some areas where grass seems to have been killed. We also have several tulips and bluebells that have sprouted through the grass and if like to know the best way to remove them without damaging the grass and leaving bare spots. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance, Simon

Reply - they should not survive the regular mowing. Fertilise your lawn now and every three months by visiting for granular lawn fertiliser and over seed the lawn too where it needs it. Take better care of it next autumn by keeping it clear of fallen leaves and controlling the worm casts with


I've just had lawn laid today. How do I fertilize it when you can't walk on it yet? Any advice would be great

Reply: Search for an article on here caring for a new lawn or turved lawn. There are 990 articles to help you.


I've had turf laid in late December and it seems to be doing well. I've not touched it in any way as the rain has been so heavy I would seriously damage if if I did try to mow. Some small bare patches have appeared so what steps should I be taking?

Reply: Search 'Looking after a new lawn' article on this blog.


HI, We had a new turf laid last Dec 2014. It looked great until Nov, when we went on holiday for 2 weeks and it didnt get mown (warm autum!) Its now very patchy, if I fertiliser it will I just get weeds growing in the gaps? What fertiliser shall use?

Reply: Wait for temperatures to rise and fertilise it with one of the slow release granular products in The Lawn Shop and over seed it. Around March time if the weather is slightly warmer. When you hear Gardeners mowing their lawns is the best advice.


Hi, we had new turf laid about 3 weeks ago. The ground was levelled and compacted by a digger and, what I know realise to be, a very thin layer of topsoil added. The lawn has taken and looks good, but is very boggy after rain. Our soil is very dense clay. I'm concerned our 'gardener' did not prepare the ground well and that we may have problems after heavy rain. Is there anything I can do to remedy?

Reply - the problem is the compaction caused by the digger and also the clay. Read the post 'A wet lawn - a pragmatic approach to lawn drainage'

Narendra Singh

I have had new turf laid in my lawn about three days ago and as per the gardener's advice I have been watering it regularly every morning. When can I expect new grass to show? Fretilizer was put into the lawn at the time of laying. Do I need to put in more fertilizer now? When should I get the lawn mowed?

Reply - The grass seed will take around 14 days to show a five O'Clock shadow and then take one to two weeks per each leaf stage in its development. Hopefully the landscaper should have fertilised it but if not visit and buy some slow release fertiliser and gently apply it now. It will be quite safe. Apply no iron or selective weed killer. Search Caring for a new lawn


We had new turf laid at the start of July and the guys who laid it told me not to mow it for four weeks then take it down 50% at a time. I so wish I had read some if these posts before I had left it the four weeks as I am sure the grass would have done a lot better had. I taken it down at 10 days. It had got too long, was difficult to mow and now isn't as green as I would have hoped on patches and has some areas which look bear. Should I just put fertiliser on or add some seed in the bald areas?

Reply - they are a nightmare! Mow after ten days then weekly removing no more than 25% each mow. Do fertilise it as it will need some every three months and also control any worm casts with There are over 260 garden retail stockists of it in the UK.


I laid my new and very tiny lawn 2 weeks ago, the week before last we had torrential rain pretty much all day every day and the lawn is looking wonderful, very green and it has grown a lot. My dad has laid a number of lawns says to leave it a month before we mow it...should I ignore him and mow it, as a lot of these comments say mow with in 7 days?? That doesn't seem very long for new grass? Why does it have to be mowed so soon?

Reply - mow it within 10 days and remove no more than 25% of the growth per mowing session. Search 'Managing a newly turved lawn'


Hi we had turf laid about a month ago wondering how long should we not walk on it for as i have two young children desperate to play but I've taken a step and my foot sinks down don't want it to become uneven.

Reply - you should have mown it quite a few times by now, then weekly. Remember to fertilise it too, now and again every three months.


We're having a new lawn laid in a few days time, and then we're only home for 2 weeks before we go away for 2 weeks and I'm worried the lawn will die when we're away! Should we cut it before we go away? And should we get someone to water for us? And if so, how often? Our garden is south facing and very little shade so I'm worried about it being warm when we're away.

Reply - Mow the new lawn within 10 days of laying and prey for some rain whilst you are away! If you can get someone to check the lawn whilst you are away, if it needs watering, ask them to do it for you and leave the equipment out for them!


Hi there, we had a new lawn laid by the builders we bought our home with. They recommended leaving the lawn for the first season (bad advice I think). We have now cut the lawn, wastering it, but since then we have had hundreds of flies hovering above it. We have removed all dead matter, can you help?!

Reply -Blooming Builders! Poor Advice. Are they flying ants? Type how to renovate your lawn into the blog or Caring for a new lawn. Good luck!

Roger Watts

Hi. I have had 50 sq m of turf laid 4 days ago in seperate areas of the lawn after removal of overgrown shrubs and bushes etc. I have been watering it continuously since, leaving the two sprinklers on mainly overnight switching off in the morning and switching back on in the evening, moving from area to area the following day, it's impossible for me to move around every 15 minutes, this is the way i have been watering it, is this correct or can i over water it?

Reply - move the sprinkler every 15 minutes like the article said otherwise you will kill the turf. Lift back a turf following watering and if the soil is moist underneath, then you are watering sufficiently.


I had a lawn laid 2days ago and i have noticed you say no more than 15mins on each part of the lawn. I need to move the sprinkler 5 times to get all the lawn. How many times a day should I water and is 15mins in each spot enough?

Reply: Gently lift a turf and so long as it is wet underneath then you are doing a great watering job. The natural water loss can be around 4mm an hour on a 19 degree sunny day and 7mm an hour on a 22 sunny day.


I am in the process of laying a large area of lawn. The first section appears to be spongy underneath, I fear the soil underneath was not firm enough. Is there anything I can do to rectify this problem with the turf already knitting together. I have since made sure the rest of the soil has been well firmed before laying the turf.

Reply: Is the spongy area where water is pooling or has soil been laid over a pool of water, thus capping it making it feel like a water bed? Gentle consolidation with light soil moving equipment is so important. You could always take a profile out of this problem area to see what is going on.

emma blainey

Hi. We laid our turf 4, nearly 5 weeks ago. We laid 90 rolls of turf. Its taken well, but now the lawn is getting patchy and is thinning out. No signs of any disease mentioned. Watered every other day. But we do have 4 large conifers and a large sycamore, so I'm wondering if that's the problem? Also what's the best fertilizer for it?

Reply: The problem has bee nthe natural water loss from the lawn which could be between 5mm to 7mm per day. Fertilise it now it is wet and with the rain it should recover. Over seed any problem areas.

Craig Derry

I have just laid a lawn and read all of these threads with great interest. One thing I am a bit confused about is how soon to do the first cut as some answers say 7 days and others up to 3 weeks. Is this because the answers were at different times of year? Mine was laid 2 weeks ago.

Reply: Between 7 - ten days and remove no more than 25%. Little and often is the trick. Don't forget to fertilise it now and again every three months.


Hi i have laid my lawn 7 days ago. It look really good. i have given it plenty of water and it has taken really well. How long do i have to leave it before the kids can play on it?

Reply: If you have started mowing, allow limited play little and often. The water loss may be up to 40% daily currently so keep it watered but not too much. Gently lift a turf whilst you can to see if the ground is wet underneath. Enjoy but do not forget to fertilise it now and every thre months.


we had a new lawn laid around 2 months ago. the ground was one old lawn that was bald and full of moss. the area was weedkilled and left for 2 weeks. then about 1ton of topsoil was laid before the new turf went down. ever scince it was laid i am getting big broadleaf weeds coming up between the gaps in turf. the roots are that big i have made a couple of quite big craters digging them out so i am just chopping the leaves off now. after 2 months it seems the problem is getting worse and i cant use any weedkiller on it for at least a year right? help!

Reply - the weed killer should have killed them if noe correctly as the old surface of weed moss and lawn should simply die underneath. Weeds are quite amazing things but most tall weeds will not survive the mower. Give it two more weeks and apply Verdone or Lawn Clear selective weed killer to the complete lawn or spot spray. Repeat in 6 weeks if weeds are still a problem for the lawn.


Hi, I've just had my lawn turfed down 3 days ago and have had an unplanned emergency trip away for 2 days. The last two days have been very hot weather and has come back with dried up turf and shrinkage. I've tried to water it to re-hydrate it. How can I get it back to looking good? Thanks

Reply: Once turf dries out it is a nightmare to get wet again. Best wet it down, and over seed the gaps and top dress with a recycled garen compost and keep it all watered. Fertilise the lawn too.


Hi... So were getting our garden weed sprayed on friday with some strong stuff have booked a rotavator for the following 2 weeks on fri.. going to rotavate & then lay our I need to do anything to the soil before we lay our turf? I know its July but were desperate for a lawn for our little ones to play on often should I water/feed it with this hot weather?does our process sound ok?

Reply - Weed Killer should be a Glyphosate bawsed only as this is best prior to renovation. Woody weeds will take a lot longer to die than the grasses. Watering - the water loss will be currently around 7mm per hour this week.



I had my lawn laid 2 weeks ago. I have watered it every single night for approx 2hrs a night (due to hot weather). I mowed it 2 days ago for the first time on a very high setting. All looks ok (apart from some shrinkage). After mowing I put down some feed and seed product. Today I have noticed rather a lot of mushrooms appearing on the lawn in lots of areas. Why is this and how can I treat it? I shouldn't be weeding and feeding so what else can i do?

Many thanks

Reply - Mushrroms are a sign of a healthy soil. Collect them befor mowing. They will soon disappear. Fertilise again in three months and control the worm casts with CastClear.


Hi there,

Three weeks ago I laid 80 sqfeet of new turf. I have been watering it day and night and on the surface it seems nice and healthy. The grass is now about 15cm long and today when I looked at it's root at different places I found the roots are yellow/brown!

My landscaper has told me not to mow or walk on the lawn for a further two weeks, even though I think the long grass is way too long for any water to get to the root?! I have pulled the grass at different places around the garden and it seems to be firmly attached to the ground.

My question is should I mow the lawn a bit? Is it ok to walk on it now? Also the fact that the roots are yellow/brown means the rest of the surface should also turn the same if the grass is dying right?

Please advice! Thanks

Reply - your installer is giving you some poor advice. Mow on day 7 from install if the roots are binding to the soil and remove no more than 25% off the leaf. Keep it watered. You will get a little die back of the older leaves so long as the new younger leaves that emerge from the centre of the plant are green and good. If it were laid onto a dry surface, this will encourange it to die back a bit. Search blog for Fusarium Disease and Red Thread. Fertilise it too and a gain in 3 months - see for products.

Al ex

My new turf is being laid tomorrow. Not ideal as I've just found out next week is going to be a heatwave but I will care and treat as you mention above. My concern is that I currently have a family of foxes and neighbours cats that have decided that playing in the soil and using it as a toilet over the last few weeks is great fun. Can I lay anything over the top of the turf temporarily, maybe mesh or suchlike, that will keep them off but not affect the turf while taking and allow me still to water it? I'm not looking for a permanent deterrent (I've not found one that works anyway) and will be getting a dog soon so I'm hoping that will work but I don't want them digging or fouling the turf whilst it's taking.

Reply - that's a shame. Get a Scarecrow that is attached to the water supply and when the beam is broken, fires water out across the area the 'pests' are in the zone. The water loss from the lawn will be around 4mm - 7mm an hour currently so keep the new lawn moist or delay until we get back to more normal temperatures.


Hi, I have had a new lawn laid just 4 days ago. Watered daily and it looks shocking! Its turning brown before my eyes, it was lush green when laid and within 48 hrs the brown had appeared and its spreading and spreading. Please can you advise as i have no idea what to do!! Thanks

Reply - if it's not over watering or lack of water, search blog for Fusarium Disease. The natural water loss will be 4-7 mm an hour currently. Advise is to over seed it or replace but call your installer to remedy.


I have no idea about laying a lawn which I why I employed a Gardener, which was recommended to me. My garden was full of weeds, he told me he would kill the weeds lay top soil and then lay the turf. Unfortunately he had done it by the time I got home so I didn't see him doing it. It's been down for 5 days now and it's turning brown and doesn't seem to be taking to the ground, so I've lifted parts of it today to see if it was moist, but found that in most areas he's put placed it on top of the weeds, not really sure if he's weeded it at all!! Under some parts it now seems to be going moldy. What should I do? Do I just rip it up and start again but weed it myself first or is there a way of saving the turf, can't really afford to turf the whole garden again.

Reply - he may have treated the weeds with a glyphosate product before he laid the lawn but they should die anyway a bit like laying a carpet on a lawn. I would keep it as it is and no weeds should come through and survive regular mowing. The turf will take more than 5 days to knit and keep it watered as the natural weter loss will be around 4-7mm an hour so if we got 4 mm of rain overnight, then all this would evaporate in one day when the temperatures are as warm as they are set to be this week. Ideally, your 'gardener' should have killed the weeds, left the site for around two weeks and then prepared the ground ahead of turfing.

Mrs Melanie Watson

I had a new lawn turf laid 5 weeks ago. It has been carefully nurtured and loved by me, but now it has developed red vein and pink fungus. It was not cheap and was done by professionals, what do I do before anymore brown rings ?I called the turfer he says it is a climate condition could it be poor turf? Please help

Reply - It's got Red Thread Disease (search Blog) and needs fertilising. See for a granular fertiliser. Feed again in three months.


We had turf laid just under a month ago and were concerned when it began to flower! The flower is now covering most of the lawn. We also had some shrinkage and the grass was beginning to turn yellow. Got the installer out and he told us we weren't watering enough, which was correct to be honest. His advice was to stick the sprinkler on all day, morning to night, moving it around at regular intervals to ensure an even spread. We're two days in to doing this and the grass does admittedly look a lot better. However, he has told us to keep up with the constant watering for three weeks! Surely this can't be right as only after two days the ground is very squelchy. I dread to think what it would be like after 3 weeks. Any advice re the flowering and the watering would be most appreciated!

Reply - all turf grasses flower and their flower stalks are annoying. Water for no more than 15 mins in one spot if required and do not over water otherwise it will rot. Fertilise the lawn now and again in 3 months. Control lawn worm casts in the autumn with CastClear. What poor advice from your installer too.


Good morning.

I had turf laid a week ago. Within 2 days it showed signs of some edges and patches of a silver colour. The guy that laid it told me to soak it for a couple of evenings and when it is a warm/hot day which I am doing when the turf is dry. I also put down some 'Evergreen extreme green lawn food' granules on the third day, again as advised by him. It seems to be getting progressively worst. The rest of the turf is growing nicely, but the patches which are now white and brown are increasing. Am I just worrying needlessly, or should I take some immediate action? Your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your advice in advance.

Reply - it sounds like Fusarium Disease. Search the blog for this to bring up the article to identify. You can email an image to, an overview and close up and we can help you identify what's going on.



I laid a lawn a week ago. It's been watered every evening and fertilized the day it was laid. Most of it looks great but I have 3 strips that have gone brown and look like they have died. These strips were a different colour and looked dry compared to the others when I laid them.

Can it be rescued or should I just replace the strips? I've laid turf several times before but have never had this issue

Reply - either replace these strips by cutting in some turf or simply over seed them and cover with some top dressing. Mow first though and keep watered / moist.

Will Moody

I have had my new turf laid around 3 weeks ago and I have noticed some shrinkage and the grass looks dead in a few small areas. I know the summer is not an ideal time to lay new turf however we have been renovating our garden. We have had warm weather so I have been watering for around 45 minutes/1 hour when the sun is off the lawn. However, some areas are looking rather dead/brown and some of the turf hasn't joined yet. Can you suggest how to improve the situation?

Reply - the water loss from a lawn / garden will be around 40% on a warm day. Irrigate in one area for no more than 15 minutes then move the sprinkler. Over seed these bare areas and make sure the seed stays moist. Put some seed in with some top dressing material in a trug or over seed the areas then put a handful of top dressing on top and work in with a lawn / soil rake.

John gamblin

I have made mistake of putting lawn on two different days probably from different suppliers but was managing to keep it ok now have a few bare patches but I've seeded and nothing will come up I'd previously level a big slope so don't know if that's cause.

Reply: Search the blog for Establishing Grass Seed


Our turf was laid in mid March and the guy told us to water it every day and not to mow for 6 weeks which I now see from your website is wrong. The grass grew long and green but when we did eventually cut it, it was weak and thin at the roots (probably through not seeing daylight for a month?) I have thrown some fertiliser down and continue to water but I can pick pieces of dry thatch out of some areas although other areas are better. Can I bring it round?

Reply - The correct advice would have been to water it when it requires it by checking if turf is wet underneath before each water. Mow after two weeks and remove 25% growth only. I would fertilise it and over seed and top dress it with a recycled dark compost.

Why can't turf installers offer timely and accurate advice that is technically correct?


Hi there, we moved into a new build house and were given free turf. The first of the turf was laid in sunny warm weather at the end of april, unfortunately the other half of the turf was delayed and was laid in colder wet weather.
We have been watering it regularly since and have noticed a destinct difference in the two halves. The first laid turf is lush green and long, the second laid turf is mostly pale, slightly balding in some edges and short but has a couple of strips which are lush and green.
We have also noticed that the second half has quite a lot of weed patches. We are worried that the majority of the second half is dead or dying as there is such a stark contrast to the first half.
Can you help with any suggestions as to why this is happening, and or how we can help the second half become more lush and green like the first laid half?
Thank you.

Reply - getting turf on two different days is always taking a chance as it will come from a different supplier maybe or field at just oe supplier. It will look different, and you may see a line. Fertilise it all now and maybe over seed it all with new grass seed to get it to blend in after say six months. Also mow in different directions.

Will Ayres

Hello, I have prepared my site, decent depth of premium top soil and ready to turf, I have raked the site daily for a few
weeks to get it as flat as possible but there are a few minor undulations, is it worth top dressing with a lute after the turf is down and if so how long shall I wait before top dressing.

Reply - Get the site level ahead of turfing and maybe top dress the lawn after six months to restore micro levels.


Hi. My new turf is 16 days old now, is growing . I try to step on it but is feel so puffy the soil. I have to give the first cut next week. Haw can i step on it? Does not leave my foot print ?

Reply - mow it now in the usual way. Fertilise it too. It should always be firm to walk on if constructed correctly but will be soft following rain or watering naturally.


Hi... We have had new turf laid been about 4 weeks now... been watering it continuously but last week it rained most days so didn't feel the need to eater it etc... I cut it the other day using a flymo easy glide but now it looks terrible patchy dark green and yellowish grass everywhere I have been told I've cut the grass too short... plus when I was cutting it the grass felt squishy like... its been a day or two since the cut and I can still see the lines of the turf should I be concerned plus when it was laid I wasn't told to fertilise it... Please help by giving me some more advise.. Cheers

Reply - looks like it was over watered and started to rot. Fertilise it and over seed the squidgey areas and only water for about 10 mins in one area.


What fertiliser is next for a newly laid lawn? You mentioned earlier not to use a three or four in one.

Reply - any of the granular types in Every three months like clock work.

ian moore

Hi there I laid my new turf 13 days ago i'ts getting quiet long and is a rich green colour , i watered it twice ea day for first 7 days, then every second day up to today ,I'm tempted to cut it to as theres a lot of rain coming , going to cut it on first cut at highest 6cm this okay? also do i water it after the first cut? thanks ian

Reply: When you mow, only remove 25% of the total growth each time. Golf fairways are only mown at around 8mm so 6mm is a trifle too low. Aim for 12mm.


Have laid new lawn today and put fast growing seed over the top off it is that ok and how often should I water it . And when should I fertilise it and when should the first cut be.

Reply - fertilise it now but not a 3 or 4 in one as any weed killer will kill the new grasses. Mow when the grass plants are at three of four leaf stages or 25mm. Literally count the leaves, it's that easy. Fertilise every three months - see for products. If you water it daily, you should be mowing in four weeks but to be honest it depends upon the grass seed mixture. Sounds like it is a 100% Dwarf Ryegrass so it should be up quite quickly. Don't let it dry out.

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