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Man Soap for Man Hands

Grass Clippings - Man Hands SoapA man fed up with using girly-smelling soaps has designed his own range using 'manly' fragrances such as beer, soil and even cash.

Adam Anderson began creating his own concoctions in his kitchen after he realised most of the soaps available contain ingredients such as lavender or vanilla.

He mixed together cocoa, palm oil, and glycerin with secret ingredients to replicate the 'manly' aromas.

Other rustic fragrances in the product range are bonfire, coffee, red wine, freshly cut grass and cedar log cabin. 'I thought to myself, "this is not how a mans hands should be smelling".

 'Something needed to be done and that is when ManHands Soap started to come alive.

'Before that I had never made soap before but after a few weeks of research I had produced my first batch of soap in my kitchen, which included 12 different scents.

'I sat back and thought about what were some of the worlds favorite smells? Things like bacon and fresh cut grass and even buttered popcorn.  His home-made soaps have now developed into a set of 20 different bars which he began selling at art and craft shows.

Word about the unique soaps spread quickly and they are now available in a variety of shops and online for £4.40. Mr Anderson added: 'Once people became brave enough to smell the sample jars I had of each scent they soon fell in love and couldn't believe how dead on the smells were.

'Even though its called ManHands, these soaps aren't just for the male buyer, lots of women enjoy some of the exact same scents as well.'

The soap can be bought at


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