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Lawn Experts and Red Thread Disease

At The Lawn Society our mission is to give visitors to this site and lawn owners an insight into the level of turf cultural knowledge that is available on the internet, on and away from this site

One particular web site we came across was  A web site set up by a marketing and software development company with other 'expert' web sites under their corporate banner.

To be honest, the web site looks good, follows a corporate template and publices the brand of this and their other web sites they are responsible for.

Browsing the web sites contents, the section on lawn diseases includes reference to getting an experts opinion on a particular lawn disease.  Look no further than their web site....

Now having the knowledge of the types of diseases that could affect a lawn in a year, which may include: Red Thread Disease, Fusarium Disease, Brown Patch, Melting Out, Damping Off, Snow Mould and three types of Fairy Rings to name a few, we expected to see detailed information on the correct identification, cultural and maybe chemical control and the host grasses and timings of possible outbreaks etc.  In essence, what to look for and what to do about it.

Not quite - instead we were advised to 'take a piece of undamaged and damaged lawn to an expert.  You can take it to a local Garden Centre or Nursery or DIY Outlet.'

May we suggest that you search our list of Techincal Leaflets for the solution as you will not find the solution to your diseased lawn on what is ruputed to be a Lawn Expert web site.  More Technical Leaflets will be added to the list later in the year as the diseases naturally appear and when we receive a few requests for a leaflet on a particular problem.

Currently there is a severe outbreak of Red Thread Disease brought about my the excessive rain and warm temperatures.  I saw some classic examples on my travels today around the Berkshire countryside.

Grass Clippings via The Lawn Society, is the only site to our knowledge who offer an online active response.  If you have contacted us and are desperate for a solution then it is our aim to tackle your problem as soon as we can and offer the best advice in real time via our Lawn Forums.



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