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Finding a Local Lawn Treatment Company

The phenomenon of using a service company to treat your lawn four times a year is relatively new in the United Kingdom since the late Nineties.  In the United States of America it has been the norm for many many years.  So you want to appoint a Lawn Treatment Company to care for your lawn but what should you be looking for?

There are numerous Lawn Treatment Companies located around the UK.  Most of them are Franchise concepts with the biggest player GreenThumb and then TruGreen and then Lawn Hopper and many more with less Franchisees to their name. 

Gt A Lawn Treatment Company will come round to weed and feed your lawn four times a year and also perform mechanical operations such as scarification and hollow tine aeration as optional extras.  Few get involved in the renovation and construction of old or new lawns.

Any lawn or grass area should be fertilised at least three or four times a year to promote healthy and dense grass growth.  A lawn will benefit from scarification or the raking of old grass leaves around the base of the plant each year.  Aeration is a process also offered as is Disease and Insect Control and Moss Control.

The basic minimum for a lawn is to to be fed four times a year.  Better than nothing as the majority of the nutrients applied to the lawn is either leached out or taken away in the grass box each week.  The norm is for home owners to only apply a lawn fertiliser in the spring months and they look a bit blank when you suggest that they should feed their lawn four times a year, something that the large lawn chemical companies like Scotts Evergreen or Westland Horticulture do little to address and communicate to lawn owners.

TgThere are lawn treatment companies and lawn care companies where treatment form part of their overall service which may include renovations and construction as well as treatments.

Lawn Treatment Companies should be a Member of The Institute of Groundmanship and  all Operators accredited to National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) standards with reference to be licensed to apply professional quality Pesticides.  Ask to see the Operators Certificate of Competence when they visit.  You could speak to existing local customers to seek their experiences of the company and go and view the results your self. 

Weeding and feeding your lawn will improve it by getting rid of what you do not want  like weeds and moss but are they actually improving the long term of the health and vigour and grass content of the lawn?  Some lawn care companies will actually renovate your lawn like a professionally trained Groundsman or Greenkeeper would renovate a tennis court or cricket table at the end of the season.  This level of professionalism and extended service may cost a bit more per single square metre and then all you need to is to arrange the feeding of the lawn 4 times a year, something Lhthat you could do given access to the application equipment and fertiliser, utilising the lawn care company to provide the more specialist aspect of the lawns needs throughout that year and ongoing thereafter.

Lawn treatment companies have come into some major criticism from the professional trade press such as on for severely hoodwinking amateur lawn owners into beleiving that 'A lawn treatment will solve all of your lawns problems in just a couple of visits, especially where the use of Sulphur Coated Fertiliser are concerned.'

The Team at The Lawn Society know that this is not the case and that key Horticultural Advisory Bodies around the UK are receiving numerous complaints from disatisfied lawn owners and users of their services especially when it is evident that the level of training received by a prospective Franchisee from the Franchisor is not being communicated down to the Employee or Operator of a Franchisee's Team.



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