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Spring Lawn Treatments

GreenthumbAs soon as you have given the lawn a couple of mowing sessions, you can think about applying a Spring Lawn Fertiliser and some Moss Control if Moss is present in the sward.

The actions of mowing will provide some natural green up and encourage the lawns to wake up, promoting tillering of the grasses if the weather remains mild.

The science of turf culture is all linked in with the weather, with some anticipation of some suitable weather for lawn renovations just around the corner.

There are a lot of Lawn Treatment Companies that have sprung up over recent years, GreenThumb, TruGreen, Lawn Hopper, Lawn Tender and Lawn3 to name a few. All have traditionally copied each other in their choice and recommendations of seasonal treatments throughout the year. Their normal spring treatment will be a sulphur coated fertiliser and a selective herbicide to control any over wintered weeds like Plantains, Cats Ear and Daisies.

The majority of UK lawns in the spring typically require Moss treatment (just ahead of the mechanical operations of scarification and aeration) fertilising and the control of lawn insect larvae such as Leatherjackets, the larvae of The Crane Fly which will soon be eating the new grass roots.

GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Services, who claim to be the pioneers of lawn treatment in the United Kingdom, advocate applying a Moss Killer in the autumn and winter months and scarifying soon afterwards? This has to be technically incorrect as there is little chance of natural recovery of the grasses from the scarification process in the cold growing months and also as Moss is a such a simple plant, it can quickly regenerate over the wet winter months and still be present in the spring. So the concept of Moss control in the spring just as the grass is about to commence it's natural growth cycle has to be correct.

If you are going to control the moss in your lawns then follow up with scarification - the raking of the moss out and grooming of the grasses, you must give consideration to over seeding the lawns if there are going to be bare areas afterwards as these will only inhabited with moss over time. A good healthy lawn should only have grass in it!


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