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Easter Holiday Lawn Care

Easter_landscapingThe Garden Centres love an early Easter, especially a dry sunny one, as this period is traditionally the start of the gardening year. This year, the weather looks like it may not be ideal gardening weather with cold winds and snow forecast in some areas of the United Kingdom. Your thoughts may be steering towards getting to grips with the garden and planning ahead for the coming year and hopefully great summer.....

My garden has undergone a major re development this year already. There was a need for some new borders and a brand new planting scheme with over 60 softwood sleepers, 6 tonnes of loam and compost and over £600 of new shrubs - oh and a new lawn too. I was keen to get the plants in before Easter so as to have a garden to view and enjoy a little later in the spring.

The loam and lawn turf was supplied by Rolawn and the plants from Notcutts and Hilliers Garden Centres. I went for some large shrubs on frames to provide some instant colour and impact. The two dogs Charlie and Scamp were quick to enjoy the new lawn and I shall be relying on Dog Rocks to dispel their urine burn from day one in the lawns new life!

This week, I fertilised the lawn with a slow release fertiliser and even after less than a week, the young white roots are already poking out from the new turf. In a couple of weeks time, I will be unable to lift the turf away from the soil bed. I opted for turf instead of seed because the dogs are just too good at bringing soil back into the house. The new sleeper beds were chipped barked with a maritime redwood bark from my local B&Q Warehouse and laid at around 50mm thick to assist in the retention of water and to keep the soil in the borders rather than rely on the household Turtle Mats!!

Now onto your lawns. If you have not done so already, dust down the lawn mower and set the blades high. Take no more than 25% off the grass growth in one go. You could mow it twice in a weekend which is good justification for eating all those chocolate Easter Eggs. Your second mowing session should be at right angles to the first once the grass has perked up from it's initial mow. I hate seeing a lawn cut for the first time mown down to it's crown! This lawn will go all white and look just ghastly. Once you have mown the lawn for the first time, after a week, think about applying a spring lawn feed which could be a Lawn Sand type product or a 3 in 1 combined weed, feed and moss killer.

I often see shoppers staring along the many lawn care products on the shelf of their local Garden Centre or DIY Outlet, mystified as to which product to buy for their lawns. More often than not, I offer some advice with the net result that they always buy the product that I have recommended. Whichever product you select and we like Scotts Evergreen Lawn Builder range, ensure that you follow the label and apply sufficient for the number of square metres of lawns that you possess. Be kind to your lawn and mark up your calendar to repeat the application towards the end of May.


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