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Hiring a Professional Lawn Aerator

Aerator_345hd_windrow_3The time of year will soon be upon us when we might consider some Autumn Lawn Care. One key aspect of successful lawn care is availability of the right equipment whether a professional turf manager or amateur lawn owner.

Autumn is the traditional time of the year when a lawn or turf area might be renovated in preparation of the coming year. Turf Managers will spend a lot of time mowing down the summer build up grass volume of their Cricket Square, Bowling Greens or Tennis Courts and Croquet Lawns ahead of the mechanical renovation process.

Amateur or semi professional turf owners often struggle to hire a professional Scarifier or Aerator in readiness of the busy autumn lawn renovation season. As luck would have it, the nice people at The Lawn Company have Turf Aerators for Hire. They have replaced some of the older fleet with newer models and have up to three Groundsman Industries 345 HD units available for hire. The aerators are fitted with solid tines, as standard and other tine options are available upon request. There are some restrictions on delivery areas. The units will go through a normal garden gate with a little thought and can get over steps and small walls with a little effort using small ramps.

The autumn lawn renovation process should include, mowing the lawn down really low to lose the volume of the lawn, go on scalp it! Scarify, clear the debris with a mower and then mow low again to collect as much debris as you can. Aerate in more than one direction with a solid tine, fertilise it with a good autumn and winter fertiliser and then blanket over seed it and then top-dress with a loam. Be careful not to miss out any aspect of the renovation process otherwise you will not get the desired results. Watch out for old pathways and hidden objects. If the root growth is really shallow, the turf may pick up behind the aerator in which case the trick is to set the tines deeper.

When you come to aerate, work on the longest runs of the lawn (after scarifying and the debris has been cleared by hand or with a mower with the box on), so as to reduce excessive turning. More often than not, you can follow the stripes left by the Scarifier. If you lose the holes from the previous pass Aerator_solid_tine_holes
get some brightly coloured screwdrivers or small canes with ribbon on the top and place these at the head and end of the run so you can walk in a straight line. When you have finished, make a few passes at the head and end of the runs as headlands so that all the lawn is covered. Make sure you cover your wheel runs by over lapping a little as the working width is smaller than the overall width of the machine.

You could then blanket over seed the lawn with the desired seed mixture applied via a drop seeder and then top dress with a loam.

Hire a Professional Scarifier Here


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