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Autumn Lawn Care - what to look out for now

Autumn Lawn Care Autumn is the main time of the year when you will be thinking about improving the lawn ahead of next season.  If you have not started to renovate your lawn this autumn, there is still time before the autumn frosts arrive, thus reducing the growing season rapidly and potential for grass seed germination.

We have already covered the topics of Autumn Lawn Renovation and also When to Stop Mowing the Lawn.

There are a lot of 'nasties' around this time of year that could be reducing the health of the lawn generally, grass that you are desperate to retain over the winter months to provide cover so that mosses is kept out of the sward.

Keep an eye out for Lawn Insect Larvae such as Leatherjacket Larvae and  Chafer Beetle Larvae which will currently be munching through your grass roots and also Lawn Diseases such as Fusarium Disease and  Lawn Rust Disease which will be reducing the health of your turf grasses and blemishing the surface of the lawn.

Earthworm Casts will soon make a mess of the surface and reduce the potential and frequency of mowing.  Worm Casts when smeared on the surface by mower and foot traffic will quickly reduce the best of lawns to a mud bath unless the worm casts are controlled or removed with a Besom Broom or Switch.  If you control Worm Casts on the lawn you will be able to use the lawn longer in the year and continue mowing later.  It also assists in the reduction of mud coming into the house from pets paws and the kids shoes!  More importantly, it stops the desirable grasses being 'smeared' and covered over with mud, thus retaining the lawns' surface.

The grasses will generally start to naturally thin out, especially if in a north facing spot or as a result of shade or restricted light due to buildings and topography. 

If you have fertilised your lawn at least three times over the past 9 months then you are doing well and have given your lawn a fair chance ahead of winter.  If you have bare areas then get these renovated otherwise these areas will be full of Moss come Spring.

If you are responsible for a large area of turf, why not consider getting some expert help ahead of a renovation programme during this autumn or next spring.  Lawn Advisory Services are available from Degree qualified Turf Specialists - money well spent which will save you more in the long term.




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