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How to prevent and control Moles in your lawn

Mole An adult Mole of around 80g in weight consumes about 50g of worms a day and your lawn is not going to get in it's way whilst they burrow up to 100 metres per night underneath it.  In the morning, you draw back the curtains to be met with a view of complete devastation!

They scour their network of tunnels during each feeding session, searching for food sources that have dropped or entered into the tunnels, making repairs where necessary to the network as they go about their business.

Moles are widespread throughout Britain but absent from Ireland. They are a protected species in Germany. Moles are from the animal family Talpa europea. They are solitary creatures that live in a system of tunnels, feeding on earthworms and insects that fall into their tunnels.

To the majority of Gardeners, they are a real pest, especially in lawns!  They have very powerful, shovel-like front limbs, used for burrowing underground. Moles, live most of their lives underground and exist on a diet of earthworms and other soil invertebrates. Moles are known to eat every four hours regardless of the time of day or night.

Take a look at our Common Lawn Problem Leaflet on How to control Moles in your lawn

I heard a funny story of a lawn owner digging a hole in the lawn to catch the Mole, putting in it a brick, putting pepper on the brick, covering it over.  Along comes Mr Mole, sniffs the pepper, sneezes and bangs his head on the brick!  Hey presto, no Mole.


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