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Where to buy Quality Lawn Turf

Lawn Turf Just because 'it' is green, this does not mean that it is desirable turf.  We hear and see many horror stories where 'meadow turf' has been passed off as 'seeded lawn turf'.

There are a wide selection of turf companies supplying the home owner market and professional sports turf market.  Some of these companies are well respected in both market sectors and have been established for many years supplying lawn turf of a consistent quality and standard.

So how can you be sure that you are buying a quality piece of turf for your lawn project?

Turf is around nine to 12 monts old when it is harvested and shipped direct from the turf grass farm.  This saves you the same amount of time twiddling your thumbs waiting for grass seed to grow.  The turf when it arrives should be weed free, of uniform denisty and colour and free from pests and diseases.  It should also be healthy and have been harvested no longer than 24 hours from the field before arriving at your site.

A while back, we wrote about a lawn owner who shortly after laying his new lawn noticed Leatherjacket Larvae in his lawn.  In the post we mentioned The Turfgrass Growers Association.  Formed in 1995, the TGA comprises some 60 companies (including affiliates), collectively responsible for producing approximately 70 per cent of the cultivated turf grown in the British Isles and supplying specialist knowledge and infrastructure to that industry.

Recently it has widened its scope of activities and has been involved in discussions with Government departments, water companies and other related bodies about the impact of water restrictions on the turf industry. The TGA has also been on the steering group of the 'Greening the Games' committee which is playing an important role in making sure the landscaping aspects of the 2012 Olympic Games are properly recognised by organisers and contractors.

Some Turf Grass Growers choose not be a member of The TGA, which is fine so long as they have a quality procedure in place to ensure the turf leaving their farms meets a reasonable and consistent standard with a formalised complaints procedure should a need arise.

Should you be planning a turfing job this autumn, make a note of the supplier and also the turf seed mixture so that should you need to replace some or add to the project at a later date, at least you know where it was supplied from or purchased from.  It is common in landscape planning never to specify the source of the lawn, let alone the seed specification which is a shame when all the plants have been purcased from a reputable supplier and named down to the last cultivar on the landscape plan.

Please ask your Landscaper for details on where the turf came from.  They should quickly provide you with this information.

Should you need a reputable supplier of lawn turf and one that is proud to be a member of the Turfgrass Growers Association then help is available here.  Should you be looking for lawn advice on a particular problem then browse the lawn problem topics covered in the Lawn Technical Pages and Lawn Technical Leaflets on our Home Page of Grass Clippings





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