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A decade of poor lawn advice

BBC Gardeners World The great thing about the dark evenings is that you can sit in front of the fire and actually find the time to watch BBC Gardeners World without feeling guilty that the garden demands a couple of hours of work in the evenings. Last night the build up for the Gardener of the Decade has started with reviews of how the 10 Gardeners of the Years since its launch in 1999 have faired since winning in their respective year. Five of the winners have agreed to battle it out for the Gardener of the Decade at the final to be held at The Eden Project.

Imagine the scene - fire roaring, the dog trying to get my attention with her cuddly toy, notebook in hand taking notes on the presentation and quality of the lawns of the contestants of the challenge featured in last nights show. Edwin Wyre who won the title in 2002 had a pretty good lawn, as did Katherine Crouch who won the first Gardener of the Year title in 1999. Bob Tridgett, who after winning the title in 2007 set up his own garden design business could give some advice on lawn care to lead presenter Toby Buckland and his co hosts Joe Swift (who will remember me as Dr Lawn after a funny publicity stunt at a Garden Show at Blenheim Palace a few years back) and Carol Klein, really need to get to grips with the lawns at Berryfields in 2009, they look just appalling.

It has been noted in the past that the BBC are not great lovers of lawns and lawn care, on their long standing and popular gardening show and in the magazine to go with it. I can respect the fact that they have to be 'green' and avoid the use of lawn care products and chemicals but you can improve the colour, density and well being of a lawn area without the use of chemicals. There are numerous 100% organic lawn feeds available based upon poultry manure, dried blood and seaweed.

Lawns are the largest area of the garden covered in tiny plants but still they receive the least attention in the media as a whole, not only on the BBC. I am not against herbaceous borders and vegetables but come on I have been paying my TV Licence for decades, often to be offered a load of reality shows and rubbish and it is about time that the profile of lawns and lawn care techniques were raised.

Should you be in need of some lawn advice, search this site for keywords on the top right hand side of the home page on a particular topic as we have probably written about it, or send us a comment and we can get around to writing about it. Should you be in need of a more personal level of advice then follow this link to our Lawn Consultancy Service


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