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Buy your own premiership football pitch for £19.00

Turf in a TinThe world has just gone crazy! The Grow Your Own Premiership Football Pitch is the perfect gift for any football fan! So you've got the kit, season ticket, the mug, the duvet cover (to your Wife's horror) and now it's time for the next amazing piece of history.

Why not get creative and sow some Old Trafford seeds in your lawn too? Who can say they have Man U's grass, growing outside your window?!

Now you have the opportunity to grow Your Own Premier Football Club Pitch in kit form.

The Old Trafford Mini Pitches come complete with grass seed as used on the Old Trafford pitch, quality topsoil, superior growing medium, a certificate of grass seed authenticity, double sided poster, history of Old Trafford leaflet, instructional poster, plastic pitch layout, miniature goal posts, corner flags and a cardboard tin lid-stand

The Mini Pitches are official merchandise of Manchester United. Mini Pitches are also available for other premiership football clubs and stadia, like the famous Wembley Stadium, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton Football Club official grounds.

The Grow Your Own Manchester United Football Pitch - Old Trafford Mini Pitches tin measures 23 cm x 17 cm x 2 cm. Mini Pitches make fantastic gifts for footie fans aged 3 to 130!

What do you get a Man Utd fan who has everything? A Mini Pitch from the gift web site Find Me a Gift! The tin is crammed full of fantastic facts and info and who can say they have a miniature version of Manchester United's football grounds, let alone the actual grass seed as used on the Old Trafford pitch. A fantastic piece of official Manchester Utd merchandise for an avid football fan this Old Trafford Mini Pitch will have you getting out your subbuteo players for a kick around on a real pitch.
What’s in the kit tin?

1 x Pack of grass seed
1 x Pack of topsoil
1 x Pack of superior growing medium
1 x Certificate of grass seed authenticity
1 x Double sided poster
1 x 'Theatre of Dreams' - History of Old Trafford leaflet
1 x Instructional poster
1 x Plastic pitch layout including goals and corner flags
1 x Cardboard tin lid stand

All this for less than the cost of a few pints and a pie at the next football match!

On a more sobering note, should you wish to improve your little bit of home turf, take a good look around some of the articles and posts on this advice site, covering subjects such as Applying feriliser to your lawns, Renovating an old Lawn, Moss and it's control, and our handy Lawn Care Calendar guiding you through the maze of what to do and when.

Spring will soon be around the corner so opportunity to expand your knowledge of lawn care techniques. Happy reading.


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