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Having the right lawn tool for the job

Soil Profile SamplerIt is important to ensure that before performing a DIY task that you have the right tool and lawn tools are no different. How many times have you struggled with a simple plumbing task without the correct spanner to reach up and behind the kitchen sink?

The handy tool in the picture is a Soil Profiler, used by an Agronomist for looking at the soil profile under a turf area during a consultancy visit. The state of the underlying soil is important to understand reasons why an area of lawn may be exhibiting signs of poor growth and density or retaining excessive moisture. Without it, the Agronomist would need to have a crystal ball to see if the root zone or sub soil was undesirable for grass growth and establishment.

Take a look at the selection of lawn tools available in The Lawn Shop. There are lawn rakes, drag mats, drag brushes, lutes for top dressing, Sarel spiking rollers and many more professional quality tools that are found in many a Groundsmans' shed.

So next time you are wondering, how can a professional perform a certain lawn task with ease, the answer is in his/her knowledge of the tools available. Off now to fix the sink....


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