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Top ten lawn problems in 2008

STRI - BulletinThe Sports Turf Research Institute based in Bingley, West Yorkshire, in their recent publication - Turfgrass Bulletin dated January 2009 have confirmed the top ten turf problems that their turf advisory service received calls on from Turf Managers seeking their input in the last 12 months. Your lawn may not be a championship golf course or premier football pitch but you would have experienced similair problems in the past 12 months.

The list makes interesting reading. Remember that we are talking professional to professional but a lot of Turf Managers rely heavily on the technical visits from their regional STRI Agronomist each year to review past maintenance practices and come up with a forward plan for the next year, dependant upon the demands of the playing surface and sport played on it/them.

The needs of a cricket club or bowls club will be totally different to that of an 18 hole golf course. To be honest, most turf grass plants will suffer from turf grass diseases much like a lawn and common lawn pests too in any one year.

Ruth Mann, Head of Turfgrass Proection from The STRI states in the article that all the calls they received were based around 'Can you identify this pest, weed, disease or how can I control it'. Now her Team are getting into deeper technical discussion on modes of actions of pesticides, or turf grass care products such as the growth regulator Primo Maxx.

Top of the queries in 2008

1. Earthworms
2. Red Thread Disease
3. Primo Maxx
4. Fusarium Disease
5. Dollar Spot Disease
6. Yellow Turf Disease
7. Weeds
8. Fairy Rings
9. Nematodes
10.Anthracnose Disease

Please type a lawn problem in the search facility and you will come up with a post on most of the top ten lawn problems in 2008.

Should you require Turf Consultancy for smaller domestic lawns, private estates, large or small or be a member of a cricket, tennis, bowls or croquet club, seeking advice, help is available to suit a budget. it will be money well spent. Email Here to make an enquiry


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