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Best advice on moss control in lawns

Moss Control - Google Search - 15.04.2009We love it when a plan comes together. The Team at Grass Clippings and have always strived hard to give accurate and timely advice on lawn and turf problems. Not only identifying the problem but always providing clear and consistent advice to solve it.

I have thought that The Royal Horticultural Society based at Wisley were always a little lacking when it came to lawn advice. Excellent on nearly all garden matters including research, a world leader in fact but poor on lawns generally. It is evident from the numner of calls we receive from the RHS Advisory Services Team, referring lawn owners to our web site and our services, action we are always grateful to receive. We are here to help.

The web page snapshot of a search for 'moss control' in Google clear demonstrates our lead over The RHS when it comes to moss control in lawns which is clearly number 9 in their April top ten advice enquiries this month. Their web based technical page offers simple advice. Our technical leaflet Moss Control in Lawns offers some extensive advice on the causes of moss, the types of moss commonly found in lawns and control and ongoing advice to keep it out of your lawns in the future.

The snapshot of the Google enquiry lists Scotts Corporation at Number One. Scotts are responsible for the well known Evergreen Range of Lawn products and Miracle Gro and also the Lawn Builder Range of Lawn Fertiliser - sold World wide with huge marketing budgets for advertising lawn care products alone.

Second in the list is Grass Clippings - (hey that's us!) with their own range of lawn fertilisers and moss control products in their online Lawn Shop. A smaller force but taking on the Big Boys and open to orders and offers alike!

The RHS are Third, and to be fair are currently revamping their online advice site and to date they have added a little more meat to their advice on Moss Control in Lawns although the style looks a little familiar....

The Grass Clippings Team are more than happy to re brand our technical leaflets to suit an organisation keen to have a web based platform for lawn problems and associated lawn advice leaflets. We have already provided a couple of sets to separate turf growing companies. Part of offering a product is being able to provide ongoing advice around the subject. We provide the advice for free, and should you have a particular lawn problem that you would like us to develop into a technical advice leaflet, we would be happy to oblige.

If you are a lawn owner seeking advice - keep looking and thank you for supporting us.


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