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Easter Lawn Care

Easter Lawn CareThe Easter Holidays traditionally heralds frantic activity in the garden over the four day holiday with the Garden Centres swelling under the dramatic increase in customers. This Easter is promising to be a little wet, typical for some time out of the office but very British! The lawn will probably be the largest area within a garden but it often receives the least amount of attention. Now is the time to give your lawns some attention should you wish them to look fantastic a little later in the early summer.

You should plan to fertilise your lawn at least four times a year, at 3 monthly intervals. The majority of nutrients applied to a lawn end up in the lawn mower grass box during the regular mowing process. If you have not applied a spring lawn fertilier, now is the time to do it, after the lawn has been mown on a high mower setting.

If you are a little dazzled and confused by the many different types of lawn fertiliser and lawn tonics on display in the garden centre, take a look at our Guide to Lawn Fertilisers and some practical tips on Calibrating a Lawn Fertiliser Spreader. Once you have fertilised your lawn, a few weeks later, should you have a lot of weeds in it, plan to apply a selective weed killer to your lawns such as Verdone Extra or Vitax Lawn Clear. The lawn weed killers have powerful active ingredients that will assist in the eradication of the many types of lawn weeds that you han expect in a lawn such as Daisy, Dandelion, Clover, Buttercups and Yarrow. You should expect to repeat the application of weed killer around 6 weeks later should some weeds prove challenging to kill with the first application, this is normal. Whilst making an application of a liquid lawn treatment, consider the use of a Spray Indicator Dye. This product will let you know where you have sprayed, where you have not sprayed, where you whould not have sprayed, when the sprayer is clean and when and where you may have contaminated yourself. A bit like painting by numbers.

There are many helpful tips and advice available to read and download as a technical post of technical leaflet. We are mow acheiving almost 10,000 page views per each month and becoming a fantastic resource for lawn and their care.

Happy Easter, happy reading and enjoy your lawn and please, not too much chocolate!


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