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Work in the fresh air with your own Lawn Care Franchise

The Lawn Company  - Lawn Care FranchiseThe increase in new Lawn Care Franchise Companies has been as strong as the lawn's traditional spring growth cycle. The majority of what are in fact Lawn Treatment Companies, on the face of it seem to copy each other with their product concepts of seasonal lawn treatments and mechanical operations. Some of the franchised concepts are well respected amongst the Turf Industry and some are not.

Having a green lawn is not just about having it treated every three months with a 'No Scorch Fertiliser'. On our travels, we come across many a Lawn Treatment Companies’ lawn and must admit, the overall quality of the lawn disappoints us - green yes at the top and nothing much else.

As a Turf Professional with over 28 years experience of professional turf care, why is it that one particular Lawn Treatment with a 'Big Green Thumb' sends it's Lawn Technicians out in December to the end of February scarifying lawns? Pick up any Turf Culture text book - my favourite is 'Turf Culture' by Frank Hope and it will state - 'Scarify the lawn or playing surface when there is sufficient chance of natural grass growth recovery following the mechanical operation' or in other words, in the growing season.

On another matter, if the concept of Hollow Tining - removing a core from the lawns under surface so to alleviate deep thatch on a lawn, why is it that the same company who 'are proud to pioneer lawn treatment in the UK' leave the cores on the surface of the lawn simply compounding to the thatch problem? Their practices are questionable by many a true UK turf professional.

Should you yearn to work in the great outdoors and want to be taught turf care like a Groundsman or Greenkeeper would at night school, why not consider taking up a lawn care franchise with The Lawn Company, proud owners of They are a Lawn Company, not a Lawn Treatment Company, providing Advice, Service and Supply so lawn owners get a choice how to tackle their own lawn related problems. We just happen to own www.lawn

We may not be the biggest by a long way but The Royal Horticultural Society are keen to recommend us all the time to lawn owners. A fact we are proud of.

Visit The Lawn Company Franchise Enquiry Form


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