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The green, green grass of Wimbledon

Wimbledon - All England Lawn Tennis ClubThere is nothing quite like the vision of the tennis courts at Wimbledon to get the Journalists writing about how fantastic they look and just how difficult it is for lawn owners to get their lawns looking the same. If only the same Journalists spent a few more weeks of the year writing about the same subject matter, amateur lawn owners might start to fathom out the secrets to the perfect lawn.

The BBC's Home Editor Mark Easton is no exception with his BBC Blog today highlighting the decline of the British Lawn.

"With the start of Wimbledon fortnight, one of England's proudest boasts is once again showcased for the world - the perfect lawn". Easton reports. "The grass court exemplifies not just a horticultural phenomenon but a cultural one: within its striped symmetry is a display of power as emphatic as a column of North Korean tanks. But is the lawn's appeal now in decline, its potency failing in straitened and troubled times."

In his Blog article about the Tennis Courts and Lawns at Wimbledon, Mark highlights a couple of conversations he had with the BBC's Alan Titchmarsh and Joe Swift about the coverage of lawns and the physical poor presence of a lawn in some of the show gardens at the recent RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The Team at Grass Clippings highlighted this fact back in May during the BBCs' coverage of The Chelsea Flower Show so nothing new there to report on the subject.

We give praise where it is due to the Grounds Team at Wimbledon, headed up by my friend Eddie Seaward for turning out such a magnificent spectacle on the global stage and pure genius when it comes to the science and practice of turf culture. One fact is that I have the same turf culture qualifications as Eddie, although we have chosen to go down a different route in our professional roles. What we both maintain is the passion towards the turf grass plant and are still striving to create that ideal surface, whether it be to play tennis on or to admire and enjoy in your home. I am still waiting to be honoured in the New Year's Honours List or the Queen's Birthday Honours List. There's time.

Rumour has it that the new roof for Centre Court may not be opening and closing like the wallets of the Spectators because the weather is forecast to be a lot dryer than in recent years. Let's hope the players are able to get the bounce and pace from the playing surface, especially Andy Murray who we are hoping will raise the trophy in two weeks time.

David Lloyd, the former captain of the British Davis Cup team, said that the All England Club should rip up the turf and replace lawns with concrete back in 2005 - humbug, but like so many lawn owners who get frustrated with their lawns and look for grass alternatives.

Should you require lawn advice, you have come to the right place. We cannot promise that your lawn will look like the tennis courts at Wimbledon because they spend £millions on them each year but we will help you spend what budget you set aside for your lawn each year wisely. If you are a Committee Member of a Lawn Tennis Club or possess your own Lawn Tennis Court in your garden and seeking advice, perhaps your hallowed turf may benefit from a Turf Technical Visit.


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