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Croquet Association recommends The Lawn Company

Croquet AssociationThe Croquet Association (CA) is the national governing body for the sport of Croquet in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. There are numerous Croquet Clubs located around the United Kingdom that are always keen to attract new players of all ages. Croquet is an ideal way to spend a summer’s afternoon. It provides some gentle exercise without being too strenuous, it is suitable for all ages, it involves a combination of mental and physical skills, and it is possible to socialise at the same time as you are playing.

Since 2004, The Croquet Association has recommended the Team at The Lawn Company as a helpful source of help and advice with the view towards assisting Clubs with their croquet lawn maintenance requirements and treatments throughout the year.

There are two formal games of croquet - Garden Croquet and Golf Croquet. Garden Croquet game has two teams playing the game. One side has the black and blue balls and the other side has the red and yellow balls. The object of the game is to advance the balls around the lawn by hitting them with a mallet, scoring a point for each hoop made in the correct order and direction. The winning side is the first to score the 6 hoop points and then finish by scoring one peg point for each of its balls. The winning side will therefore score 14 points.

The sides are made up of either one player per side (singles) or two players per side (doubles). The rules are the same for singles and doubles. The players take turns and only one plays at a time. At the beginning of a turn the player (called the "striker") has one shot. After that shot the turn ends, unless extra shots are earned. The turn ends when the striker has no more extra shots to play. Then it is the opponents turn to play.

View the Croquet Association recommendations for Croquet Clubs seeking advice on their croquet lawns.

There are a lot of private individuals who have croquet lawns in their gardens, some of which we have helped for several years.

Should you be seeking Croquet Equipment and Rules, visit their online shop.

Should you require Lawn Consultancy, we have available an extensive month by month maintenance schedule for a croquet lawn that covers a 12 month calendar. Email the Team.


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