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Restricting dog urine burn damage in your lawn

Potty Rock - toliet training for puppies and dogsDog urine burns in your lawn look ghastly. It is not always easy to restrict the movement of a dog around your garden and lawns in the hope that they will always 'pee' in the same place, thus reducing the sometimes 50 or so burn marks that your lawn may suffer in any one month. Potty Rock is a new pet product that has been launched which claims to be the ideal solution for your puppies or dog toilet training and to prevent nasty burn patches on your lawn.

Potty Rock has thousands of satified customers, for good reason, the company claim works! Train your puppy with ease and eliminate those ugly stains on your lawn that other pet owners wish they didn't have to put up with. It is non-toxic, fragranced brickette that naturally attracts your pet to the area you choose... Easy puppy training or eliminate burned areas on your lawn. Non-toxic and works with both male and female dogs. A must have for easy puppy training or full grown dogs. I smelt the one I received as a sample and it smelt vile!

Potty Rocks were developed with three main goals -

1. One area: To produce a puppy and dog toilet training aid to get a dog to use one area of a garden and eliminate damage to other areas.
2. Reduce time: To reduce the time it takes to housebreak a puppy or potty train an older dog.
3. Portablity: To create a portable product that would attract dogs to a confined area like parks and other public areas.

After testing several fragrances and scents to find the right ingredients that were irresistible to dogs of all sizes and ages the Potty Rock was conceived. A small and durable brickette, the Potty Rock is non-toxic and will endure all weather rains without losing its attraction.

Whether potty training puppies or older dogs, your Potty Rock is designed to significantly reduce the training time. Simply place in the area of your choosing and point it out to your canine friend a few times. When your puppy or dog uses the designated area, praise them and maybe even give them a little treat. After all they deserve it! Try to use specific words for toileting praise i.e. not 'Good Boy' or 'Good Girl' to prevent these from being associated with toileting. For puppies, toilet time is often around 15 minutes after eating and be patient and understanding and most of all NEVER use a foreign object such as a newspaper etc. to "spank" your puppy with. This will only make your dog cower every time you grab a paper or magazine. Training a dog with love and understanding always gives the best results. House training a puppy can take a little time and effort, but done properly you will be amazed how fast your pet will adapt to using a single area with a Potty Rock in it.

Place the Potty Rock in an area you want your dog to use instead of letting your dog roam to find a spot. You can lie the Potty Rock flat for female dogs, or lean against a post or tree for male dogs. It is best if you point out the rock and designated area to your puppy a few times. When you want to change an area of designation simply place the Potty Rock in another spot and repeat the process. Your pet will adapt quickly to using one area of lawn. Eliminate those ugly urine stains in your garden that other pet owners only wish they didn't have to put up with.

I have placed my sample of Potty Rock on their favourite area of lawn. My dogs are older dogs but we are soon to get a Jack Russel puppy called Herbert, so the real test will commence soon so I am keen to evaluate whether this new product will work for us. The company marketing Potty Rock have testimonials from contented users of the product, more will follow in time no doubt.

Currently, I am using Dog Rocks to reduce burn marks in my lawns. They work fairly well in reducing the damage but there is still the need for some repair work at the end of each month. Dog Rocks are a proven and exciting product mined in Australia. Dog Rocks were launched in the UK at Crufts back in 2006. During 2006 there have been tens of thousand of Dog Rocks sold in Australia, the best year since its launch in 2001, now selling over 7,000 per month. Dog Rocks are completely natural and when placed in a dog’s water bowl they help prevent the dog’s urine leaving nasty burnt patches on their owner’s lawns when they take a pee. Dogs Rocks have been laboratory tested and proven they are safe for dogs. Most importantly, the ph of the dog’s urine is unaltered. Dog Rocks are Paramagnetic Igneous Rock. Buy Dog Rocks

Learn how to reduce the dog urine burn problem in your lawn and a simple soil-less repair kit


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