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Creating a green living roof

Green Roof with EnviromatLife on the other roof may be a little greener....

The Team at Grass Clippings normally provide help and assistance with lawns and their care but as we have a strong following of over 10,000 technical page views each month, we like to keep our readers in touch with lawn alternatives as well as the Fescues and Bents.

Should you want a lawn alternative, why not consider Enviromat Sedum Matting as a green surface instead of grass? It will not be 100% maintenance free but at least you will not need to get the mower out each week to give it a trim!

As the name suggests, Enviromat Sedum Matting gains most of its low maintenance and environmental benefits from sedum plants. Sedum mat typically adapts well to poor soil and exposed sites making it a great alternative to grass. Enviromat is also especially suited to the UK climate and incorporates all the growing medium that the sedum plants need - so it can be used on a soil-less surface, for example a sedum roof. Enviromat is a living carpet of sedum plants for outdoor use and one of the lowest maintenance garden products available in the UK.

The Lawn Company via their online Lawn Shop have teamed up with Q Lawns to sell and distribute Enviromat in the UK as well as Quality Lawn Turf and Top Soil.

Grown on to a special matting for strength, versatility and easy installation, Enviromat comes complete with mature sedum plants already established in a life-times supply of growing medium. Enviromat includes a varied mix of flowering sedum plants for all year round colour and texture. Find out more about sedum plants. With Enviromat there is no need for mowing, weeding or deadheading.

Enviromat can help attract wildlife to a location and is suitable for numerous applications including:

Sedum roofs for sheds, summerhouses or stables
An alternative to an ornamental grass lawn - ouch!
Pond surrounds
Sedum mat banks

Buy Enviromat

How to install an Enviromat roof

Need more information on Green Roofs


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