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Lawn Check - Lawn Treatment Service Providers Evaluation Scheme

Lawn Check Lawn Teatment Service Providers Evaluation Scheme The Grass Clipping Team came upon this new web site and concept that is trying to pull together a Lawn Treatment Service Providers Evaluation Scheme.

The 'Lawn Check' scheme provides a central register of regularly assessed, approved companies that meet nationally applied standards of competence. Ones the lawn owner and customer you can trust.

It is being set up and designed by a long standing member of the, we can only presume turf industry with over 15 years of domestic lawn treatment experience; as a lawn application crewman, a lawn surveyor, a manager and a former company owner. This experience from the 'grass roots' upwards you might say means they have a thorough understanding of not only what good companies will be doing, but also the short-cuts, poor training, and sometimes illegal practices that some lawn treatment services may try to use! Their goal is that lawn treatment company customers everywhere should be able to receive quality service from caring, professional companies with trained, knowledgeable staff.

My thoughts on this are initially a good one but the scheme is voluntary and may not have a lot of mileage in it. A lawn treatment or care company should not need to belong to a voluntary industry approved scheme to prove that they have the technical knowledge, business know how and business monitoring in place to provide honest, best practice and a reliable service that follows the core principals of sound turf culture knowledge and practices. The underlying trend is that I think this individual has lost his rag with some Lawn Treatment Companies. The sentences and words and comments on the web site are a bit 'angry'.

We for one have over 28 years hands on, practical, technical and commercial knowledge of turf culture and the business acumen to support it. We are ISO 9001 quality assured and give our advice freely to help lawn owners on this Blog. Turf Care is a science and the core science has not changed since my Great Great Great Grandfather was tending to his lawn and his Father before him. The advice we give is what we follow because that is exactly how it is and year on year, there are only a few adjustments for weather and new technology, products and equipment to aid us.

My personal thought is that there are a lot of lawn treatment companies that need to look at their seasonal services and change them so that they adhere to a Professional Turf Managers work calendar but most importantly follow the science and practice of turf culture as per the many technical publications that have been written on the subject. Our Lawn Care Calendar is a mirror of these technical guides.

We agree that too many lawn customers are being totally hood winked into having treatments and mechanical work performed on their lawns when they technically should not at that particular time of year and too many of us are picking up on the problems associated with these errors and being called in to correct the situation and get the lawn back to being a lawn as it should be. Coupled to this is the fact that NPTC legislation and guidelines on the safe use of pesticides are not being adhered to - we see it all the time by Lawn Treatment Companies and Operatives.

We will be keeping our eye on the development of the Lawn Check Scheme as it evolves next year. All we are aware of so far is that is has been set up by a Gary Lawton and we welcome his contact and comments via this site or to our standard email address. Sadly, it is all about training staff….

In the meantime, should you wish to receive sound technical advice and a regional lawn treatment service, take a look here


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