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Which? evaluate lawn treatment products

Which Consumer Review Web Site Which? focus on consumer issues and ensuring you have the information to make the right choices - whether that's by reviewing products or providing independent advice you can trust. Their testing team tackled the many amateur lawn treatment products.

Between April and August 2007, they tested 36 different weed and moss killing products which claimed to solve a range of common garden problems. These were grouped together according to their type; spot weeders, weedkillers, feed and weedkillers and feed, weed and moss killers. We are aware that this was a while ago but some of the products are still available from your local DIY warehouse or garden centre, so still relevant.

The Test Area - their testers marked out 4m² plots of turf, each containing a mix of common lawn weeds including Creeping buttercup, Clover, Daisy, Dandelion, Self-heal and Plantain. Each of the products was then applied to four separate plots according to the packaging instructions, with a reapplication after four to six weeks following the manufacturer’s recommendations. The testers also applied the moss killing products to those plots containing a significant amount of moss.

Judging - the effects of the weedkillers were recorded on a fortnightly basis, with particular attention being paid to the proportion and type of weeds and/or moss in each plot. The colour of the grass was also assessed each fortnight and any signs of chemical damage were noted.

The Results - out of the ten they tested, two products really stood out for the speed at which they dealt with troublesome clumps of weeds. One was Verdone Extra and the other was Bayer Advanced Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate. The full results can be viewed here.

Some facts and information about Which?

Which? was proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2007, and they have certainly come a long way from their humble beginnings in 1957 when the first Which? magazine was published from a converted garage in Bethnal Green.

Today, they are the largest consumer body in the UK, with over 650,000 members. They are a registered charity and they plough everything back into consumer interests and services for their members.

Which? is completely independent - They have no owners, shareholders or Government departments on their back: they work on behalf of you, the consumer, and nobody else so you're assured you're getting the very best advice that's available.

At Which?, they're known for testing household products like washing machines and digital cameras. But that's not all they do. Confronting important consumer issues is also a key part of their work. Tackling everything from mis-selling to hospital food, their commitment to providing unbiased advice to consumers is still at the heart of everything they do, including some great new initiatives such as their Best Buy Icon and the inaugural Which? Awards.

Visit their website for more information. You may wish to subscribe to Gardening Which?


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