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Chafer Beetles emerge from lawns

Cockchafer AdultA new trap is now available to snare one of the most common and damaging types of pests to turf and grass, the garden chafer beetle. Chafer Beetle Larvae can live in the soil for up to three years and in the spring consume vast quantities of your grass roots, literally stripping a lawn bare in a very short period of time. Their initial presence is noticed by the feeding activity of large birds such as Crows and Blackbirds on the infested lawns. The next thing you notice are large patches of dying grass and some that has been ripped up by the birds and other mammals like Badgers and Foxes.

Oecos, the manufacturer of the traps said its contraption for adult garden chafer beetles, Phyllopertha horticola, aimed to stop damage caused by the larvae feeding on grass roots.

"Significant secondary damage is also caused when birds and badgers did up grass areas to feed on the larvae," said a representative for Oecos. "The new Garden Chafer trap will provide an early warning system to the presence of this pest reports Hort Week Magazine today. Adult chafer beetles are attracted to the trap by a powerful pheromone."

Yellow vanes on top of the trap lured the beetles into the funnel trap, set up in May and June, when the beetles were emerging from the soil, he said. The adult Chafer Beetles are now present in the green swards of UK lawns.

Natural pest control consultant Julian Ives said: "This is useful for judging if chafer beetles are present and when to apply nematodes for controlling the larval stage." OECOS may be contacted by visiting their web site

Oecos are specialists in horticultural insect control and monitoring systems.

Chafer Beetle Larvae are the larvae of the Common Chafer Beetle or more commonly known as the May Bug that can be seen flying around on warm early summer evenings. Chafer grubs are white, comma shaped, fleshy grubs with brown heads and 3 pairs of legs on the front segments of their body. Grubs live for 1-3 years before adult beetles emerge. Patches of dead or dying grass similar to that caused by leatherjackets are caused by the grubs. Early and correct pest identification is important. Read more here


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