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Worm Cast Treatment for amateur lawn owner use

Worm Cast Treatment Product A Worm Cast Treatment product is finally available to amateur lawn owners.

The worm casts on the lawn can be a real problem over the autumn to spring months.  The worms are great for the lawn, their casts not so. 

A soft surface, a muddy surface, platform shoes caked in worm casts, messy mower, muddy dog paw marks on the kitchen floor - you get the idea!  The worms will naturally deposit their cast on the lawn at this time of year.  Never underestimate the amount of soil a troop of worms can leave on the lawn's surface. 

The deterrent product is non pesticidal, safe for lawn users such as pets and children and one litre treats up to 500 sqm per single application.  Apply now after mowing and 'live' trials on croquet lawns and domestic lawns have shown worm casting activity stop after around five days following application.  The casts that are there at the time of treatment will not disappear but it will prevent new ones so application before the problem gets a real problem is the key.

A repeat application may be necessary in a months time dependant upon soil texture, worm population, rainfall and general use of the lawn but if the worm cast treatment product can cope with being mown three times a week with a heavy cylinder mower, people playing on the surface daily then the demands of a domestic lawn are never at this level.  The trick is to reapply just at the time when you notice a few worm casts appearing on the lawn surface so weekly monitoring is important.  Always mow before application and do not mow until the product has gone off the leaf with some dew and/or rainfall.

Worms undermine the upper surface of the lawn making it soft underfoot.  If the worms stay deeper in the soil below the barrier created by the deterrent product that sits in the upper 50mm or so of the root zone then the surface of the lawn shall remain firmer and dryer whilst the product is active.  The worms are not harmed or killed but they will not travel through the 50mm upper barrier as the product irritates the hell out of them.  As all the old grass leaves, leaf litter, organic matter and soil passes through a worms' body where they add their secretions to the mix, you can see why they are not keen to move upwards into the 50mm barrier to feed.

We can supply Garden Centres and Landscapers and Professional Gardeners too so contact us on  Minimum order quantity of 12 x 1 Litre Bottles if we can please.

Buy Worm Cast Treatment from The Lawn Shop.  Professionals can use it too :-)





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