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Lawn Treatment Products Online from The Lawn Shop

Lawn Treatment Products In the final weeks leading up to the busiest shopping time of the year, since the huge increase in Internet shopping over the past two decades, there is now probably nothing that you cannot order online. 

You can even order lawn care products from the comfort of your fireside armchair.  This expands the range of products available to you to view at your fingertips from the comfort of your armchair rather than a trip to the floor to ceiling stacked shelves of the lawn care section of your local garden centre or DIY outlet and that is if they have a dedicated and good lawn care section!

The Team at The Lawn Shop are trying to bridge the gap between what’s available to the professional turf manager and the amateur lawn owner by giving you access to some of the lawn and turf treatment products the professionals use together with the advice to fully support their use on amateur lawns where of course label restrictions permit.

The problem with such stores is like the pallets of baked beans stacked at your local supermarket - just too much choice.  The Team at The Lawn Shop has been involved in staging lawn clinics held at local garden centres and, you soon become the centre of attention loitering around the lawn care retail section.  You are quickly able to solve a lawn owner’s conundrum and get them on their merry way with confidence that the product you have recommended will do the job.  More often than not, you get asked about the best remedy to control black spots on roses and powdery mildew on a vegetable crop.  Your BASIS chemical training comes in handy when selecting products from the many on the shelves, allowing you to advise the customer correctly.

We are not stating here that garden centre staff are not knowledgeable in the products that they are selling. The majority are, if you can actually locate someone to assist.  During one particular visit to a large garden centre, I overheard a member of staff providing advice to a lawn owner whose lawn was suffering from Chafer Beetle Larvae.  The staff member correctly offered Bayer Provado as the solution.  This was technically correct and the customer was left holding one packet to cover a certain area of lawn.  She thought that she only had to apply the insecticide to spot treat the affected areas.  When the staff member had moved on to help a different customer, I politely stopped the customer and asked her how many square metres of lawn she had to treat.  When she gave me the figure, it was evident that the small retail pack of insecticide would not solve the problem and she needed around four packs to blanket spray the lawn.  She queried my lawn knowledge credentials and upon the presentation of a business card, she happily took my advice and purchased four packs instead of the one the garden centre staff member had told her to buy. 

This example speaks for itself and highlights that good advice is the key to getting a sale or increasing your sales potential.  All too often, lawn owners will not buy sufficient product to cover their lawn area and thus solve the problem or provide the expected results.

It is important to look at the nutrient content or percentage of active ingredient when selecting lawn care products which is why the products in The Lawn Shop have been carefully selected to not only provide excellent value for money per square metre of lawn but will also provide the results expected if the product label is followed.

Multi task lawn treatment products that provide an all inclusive  Feed, Weed and Moss are not really cost effective as it is not wise to 'piggy back' one product on top of another.  Try and stick to 'separates' of fertiliser, selective weed killer and moss killer.  Single function lawn products and treatments are available in The Lawn Shop for this reason.

You will be able to view lots of advice about the product in the item description and also application rates and unit of sale coverage.  So finding out the size of your lawns is so important from the start so that you purchase sufficient product to cover the lawn area that you actually have. 

Make your first lawn task of the year, a survey of your lawns so you know how many square metres you have ahead of purchasing lawn care products and lawn treatments and your second a look around the lawn treatment and associated lawn care products in The Lawn Shop



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