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Spring Tonic for Lawns

Lawn Shop Lawn Fertiliser Fingers crossed, the weather might allow us to get out into the garden this coming weekend.  Might need to wrap us warm but some physical exercise raking leaves and winter debris, mowing the lawn and tending to some pruning and tidying up will soon get you glowing like hot toast!

We have mown our lawn for the first time this spring already in-between the rain showers of late and now we are giving some positive thoughts to feeding it to give it some vital nutrients to bring it into spring and help it recover from the winter it has just come through.

The majority of lawn owners will traditionally purchase a three in one lawn moss, feed and weed product.  It is a little early to go weed killing lawn weeds but ideal now for controlling the moss and giving the lawn a fertilise.  Lawn Sand is a mixture of Dried Sand, Sulphate of Ammonia a 21% Nitrogen source and Sulphate of Iron for the moss control.  Normally in a ratio of 3 parts sand, 2 parts Sulphate of Iron and 1 part Sulphate of Ammonia.  Why apply 140 grams per square metre of predominately sand when you can make separate applications of Fertiliser and Soluble Iron and not the sand which is after all only the carrier of the treatment products.

It is possible to apply Soluble Iron as a foliar application.  The Soluble Iron or Iron Sulphate will turn the moss black, darken the grass and surprisingly also kill a few broad leaf weeds if applied at a fairly high dose rate.

You will end up with a black and green lawn that will retain it's colour for a month at least.  You can repeat the application monthly at half dose rate to keep up the colour and keep any moss at bay throughout the year especially as we get towards next winter.  You then hit the deck running with minimal moss no matter how well you care for your lawn otherwise.  Moss is such a simple plant it will grow in any thinning or bare sward.

So the plan for this weekend should be to –

Mow your Lawn

Apply Soluble Iron for Moss Control or Spring Colour

Fertilise the Lawn

Visit The Lawn Shop

At least you will not get the urge to watch The Six Nations Rugby as it is a rest weekend for the Teams!


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