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BBC Gardeners' World Presenter Carol Klein "hates lawns"

Lawns on TV Carol Klein, one of the BBC Gardeners' World Presenters has it in for lawns big time. 

Speaking at the Telegraph Hay Festival this week, she stated "With climate change and more extreme weather patterns expected, gardeners had to adapt by changing traditional plans."  She urged people to work with the weather and ditch lawns in favour of mosses, ferns and flower beds, especially in hot weather.  She added “Gardeners have to do what they have always done and respond to what is actually happening, to find alternatives where some plants no longer work."

"Grass in places like Kent often does not look attractive by the end of the summer.  I do not like lawns anyway, they are a monoculture. I think people are so short of gardening space and having an opportunity to express themselves through gardening, they shouldn’t be limited.”

She also said that there needed to be a greater variety of presenters on the BBC Gardening Show.   After an outcry over the BBC’s failure to employ more women aged over 40, the 65-year-old insisted hiring should be a “meritocracy” based on the best presenters most able to talk to audiences.  “The majority of gardeners in this country are women and I don’t think they will always want to watch some pin-up. They are interested in the subject and it is great to have women who can talk to a mixed-sex audience,” she said.

Viewing figures for Gardeners’ World have fallen from five million an episode in the mid-1990s to about two million today after an unsuccessful revamp. In 2008, Klein complained of a “grass ceiling” when she was overlooked for the role of lead presenter.  With comments like the one above on lawns, we can think why!

The Grass Clippings Team totally agree with her - get a presenter onto the BBC Gardeners' World TV show who is passionate about lawns and their care and raise the overall media profile of lawns in the United Kingdom.  They have been over looked for too long and it needs to change. 

The MD of The Lawn Company can be found on Expert Sources under the keywords of Lawns, Turf and Grass. 



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