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Welcome rain arrives in South East England

Rain Gauge - Lawn Shop This spring has been the driest for more than 20 years in some areas, provisional Met Office figures reveal. 

Some areas in Southern England received 40mm of rain over the weekend with another rainy day today and the rain is most welcome.

Across England and Wales spring rainfall was 86.9 mm, which is 45% of the long-term average. This is the second driest spring since 1910 and the driest since 1990, which had 85 mm of rain.  East Anglia was the driest district in the UK with just 28.1 mm of rain, only 21% of the long-term average. The lack of rain in East Anglia made it the driest for 101 years, beating the previous record of 51.9 mm in 1996.

South East and central southern England had 49.4 mm of rain, only 30% of the long-term average- making it the driest spring on record for 101 years, beating the previous record of 57.3 mm in 1976.   However, in contrast, parts of north and west Scotland have had a wet season, with Argyllshire recording 577.6 mm of rain, well above the long-term average of 422 mm.

The lawns always suffer when there is not adequate natural rain and healthy lawns with a desirable and healthy turf grass content always survive drought times the best.  More frequently mown lawns will naturally go brown to preserve water and after some rainfall, the turf grasses will soon recover and return to green.  The weeds on the other hand always manage to grow well during drought conditions and it is difficult to weed kill kill these when the lawn is under such drought stress. 

Now is the time to fertilise your lawn and weed kill them to get rid of the unsightly weeds whilst you have some moisture in the ground.  Up to 40mm (4 cm or 1.6 inches) is a lot of water and too many lawn owners think that they can apply this amount of water during a normal sprinkler session.  When it is dry and sunny, the natural water loss through evapo-tanspiration will be aound 45% of any rain or water applied so a water deficiet is soon present. 

There is nothing like natural rain for the lawn and garden so take advantage of it and over seed your lawn, apply a lawn fertiliser and treat the lawn with a selecive weed killer so as to kill the weeds that are taking up vital soil moisture when the lawn could really do with it.

Source - The Met Office

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