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Lawn Renovation Process

Lawn Renovation Process from Usually, the months of July and August are peak garden and lawn months.  Renovating the lawn at this time of year may cause it to to look a little poorly for a while so if you are planning a big garden event, hold off following this lawn renovation advice.

As we appear to have had our summer for this year with quite a wet start to July already, why not catch up on some of those lawn renovation tasks that you may have held over from April and May when we were in drought.

The success of lawn renovation depends upon adequate water as artificial irrigation does not always provide sufficient water quantity, unlike natural rainfall which is after all free and not time consuming to apply! 

There is nothing like rainfall.  Just a few millimeters of rainfall can provide massive volumes of water over say a 500 square metre lawn that you would never ever get to apply with a hose sprinkler. We worked out once that just 5mm of rain over 1,000 square metres is 876 litres of water!

Follow this simple lawn renovation process and remember that if you are planning to over seed your lawn, don't be scared to be cruel to be kind at this time of year when new grass and lawn seed will germinate quickly, so long as it keeps raining to aid rapid establishment.  You will have a new lawn in around 6 weeks and be mowing it.  Whilst you mow it, the grasses will continue to germinate and develop and thicken. It takes a bit of patience too!

Take advantage now and why wait until the cooler autumn months when the risk of leaf litter from the trees in the garden can quickly smother new turf grasses.

The picture above is of a lawn after initial mow down and scarification and ahead of over seeding and top dressing.  Look how bare it looks but as it was totally overseeded this short term visual did not matter.  Remember, be cruel to be kind. 

If you require lawn renovation and lawn care products, please visit The Lawn Shop.  If you need from advice with your lawn, type some keywords in the top right search facility and you can search over 350 technical lawn articles to help you and it's all free and available 24 hours a day 365 days of the year - all here.


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