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Thank you

Lawn Advice - Thank You We receive a lot of emails, comments on this lawn advice and news blog and telephone calls each day from lawn owners who have taken our advice and services which in turn has helped them on their way in their quest for a better lawn.

When we started Grass Clippings back on May 7th 2007, we knew that keeping fresh content and articles relating to lawns and their care would take a fair amount of effort on the writing front and to be honest it really does.

The Grass Clippings technical blog is a bit like having one our skilled lawn technicians come out to your lawn and explain the problems with it and how to put it right.  Having that advice allows you to evaluate the best way you wish to proceed with your lawn project and assign a budget too.

To totally turn in and renovate a lawn finishing with turf can cost up to £10 per square metre if the levels are really poor or around £6.00 per sqm using seed.  To renovate a lawn where the existing levels are retained can cost anything between £1.20 per sqm to £2.50 per sqm for circa a 500 sqm lawn where economies of scale are reached both for lawn owner and contractor so having the correct advice beforehand is vital.  All prices plus VAT sadly.

If this blog post is one technical article, one of over 350 of them on this site then we get in excess of 25,000 pages read each month. 

As you go about your week, how many times do you hear people thank you for your time and commitment on a particular project or task?

May we take this opportunity to thank all of our readers for their many visits to our Grass Clippings Lawn Advice and News Blog and for spreading the word.  If those customers have also utilised the products and services that we have mentioned in our technical articles relating to lawns and their care, we thank them once again for their commitment.  It is great to be loved.

Now go off and tell your family and friends about GrassClippings so that they too may benefit from our efforts ;-)

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have really benefited from our advice.  We shall continue with our efforts and keep bringing you news about lawns in the media and helpful and timely technical articles.



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