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Dog urine burns in lawns

Dog Urine Burns in LawnsAll lawn owners with dogs have been there. Their green lawns polka dotted with brown pee marks from their beloved pooch. There are the many old wive's tales of adding tomato juice into their dogs' food or water bowl to reduce the impact of their dog urine burn mark on the lawn.

The Team at Grass Clippings have been busy trialing a new product that actually works! They have also given some consideration to repairing the damage afterwards, one that is 'soil less' and very effective.

What causes lawn burns and how may they be treated?

Ammonia is released in urine as a part of normal digestion. In strong concentrations ammonia can burn the grass leaving brown patches. There are effectively two problems to address:

1) How to safely lower the ammonia concentrations in the urine to stop further damage to the lawn.

2) Repairing the existing damage.

Bitches and pups usually squat to urinate, so the ammonia is concentrated in a small area which can cause quite a brown discolouration.

In the winter, dog lawn burns are less of a problem, because rain water dilutes the ammonia. It is in the summer months that brown lawn patches are seen more frequently, because the ammonia finds it easier to penetrate the dryer soil and get drawn into the grass.

Ammonia production is simply part of a dog’s normal bodily function, so rather than try to alter ammonia production, we have created a food supplement that uses natural plant extracts that bind to the ammonia itself making it less harmful to the lawn.

Let’s assume that you have a 15kg dog (33lbs) and you feed her twice a day.

The Anti-Lawn Burn Formula comes in a bottle that has a metered device on the top delivering a specified amount of liquid each time the spray top in depressed. In the above example you would apply 4 sprays to the dog's regular brand of food each meal and mix it in thoroughly with a fork. Within a few days the ammonia concentrations should reduce.

Once the urine is no longer causing new damage, it is then time to repair the existing patches. Some grass may grow back unaided, but often larger patches will require repairing. We can repair up to 90 pee marks each month on our lawns at home.

Our solution is to provide a kit that contains quick growing grass seed and special paper-based hydroscopic pellets that are laid over the seed to keep them moist. The pellets retain water and dew very efficiently, there by encouraging new lawn growth on as fast and as easily as possible. They are also of a size that will not stick to the dogs feet and find their way into the house! The repair kits come in bags that are designed to cover a 2 square metre area. Hence you can calculate how many are required based on the number of lawn burns you have. We have tried repairing our dog urine burns in our lawn with top dressing and seed or seed and small handfuls of a soil based compost but the soil from the repair process nearly always ends up in the house. The pellets prevent this occuring which will impress the cleaner!

When the grass re-grows, these paper-based pellets simply breakdown into the soil.

To find out more on these great products and to buy online

If you are interested in taking stocks of the products to sell on the retail market, please Email the Grass Clipping Team

Should your lawn be beyond a little locolised repair, please contact The Lawn Company who can provide a lawn renovation service.


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