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Cooler Autumn Nights

Autumn Lawn TreatmentSounds like a song from The Bee Gees!  One great misconception is the time when lawn owners decide to put the mower away in the shed or garage and do not get out again until the spring time.

You should still be mowing your lawn.  It's growth may have slowed quite considerably over the past few weeks with the drop in night-time temperatures but it is still quite warm and the turf grasses are still growing well. 

Mowing the lawn really 'lifts' an autumn garden and handy for picking up a few leaves too instead of raking them off the lawns surface. 

Take advantage of the fine weather during the daytime and get out there and rake or blow the leaves up so that they do not smother the lawn grasses, resulting in bare areas over the autumn.

One other important task is to fertilise your lawn.  If you have not purchased an autumn and winter lawn fertiliser, make an application of a suitable spring and summer fertiliser but at half the usual summer rate.  It will provide some vital nutirents for the turf grasses over the colder months and stand the lawn in great stead of the spring.  Dense, healthy, lawns with desirable turf grasses in them always look better coming out of winter.

It is not too late to apply a selective lawn weed killer or a moss killer so make a treatment now and get rid of what you do not want in the sward.  New lawn seed will still germinate and grow although not as quick as in the warmer months so if you have any bare areas, now is the time to fill these in so that moss cannot get a hold in the spring. 

Too many a lawn treatment company only make a soluble iron application to lawns at this time of the year instead of one now and another in the spring.  Soluble Iron is great for providing some much needed colour and vigour to lawns in time for Thanks Giving or Christmas before the frost is in the ground. 

So if you are at home this coming weekend, take a good look at your lawn and see if there is anyting that you can do to improve it ahead of the onsett of winter.

If your lawn feels a bit soft underfoot and you notice small mounds of soil on the surface, they are worm casts and they can be stopped by using a product called CastClear - the solution to lawn worm casts.



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