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Slime Mould Disease

Turf Slime MouldSlime Moulds are not commonly seen on lawns and when they do, they can provide some stunning examples as the picture shows. 

This picture was taken in Avebury in Wiltshire on one of the many historic stone circles that are located in the area a few weeks ago.

All grass species can be affected by the disease and occurrence.  Symptons of the disease are only seen when the coloured spores which can vary from grey to white or yellow to purple appear on the turf grass blades. 

The conditions favouring the outbreak of the disease are warm, damp weather in the autumn and it rarely appears during cold or dry conditions.  It is commonly seen on turf grasses lacking in nutrients.

The spore masses, when young are sticky to the touch, but when dry, can be easily rubbed or wiped off.

To control Slime Mould, make an application of Soluble Iron to limit the spread of the disease and there are no pesticide controls known to control it.  Making an application of lawn fertiliser to the turf area will toughen it up too ward of future attacks.

If you have a turf disease problem and you cannot find the answer on this lawn blog by typing in a keyword, wht not contact The Turf Grass Disease Centre based in Bramley in Surrey.

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