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Lawn Advice - correct advice, every time, online

Lawn Advice from  The Lawn Company How to create and care for a lawn can be a bit of a windy road that you need to follow with many diversions along the way as the advice offered by lawn treatment organisations may vary from one company to another.

We hear and view many a horror story of those performing treatments and mechanical operations at the incorrect time of year which only goes to confuse you even more as a private lawn owner and being unable to diagnose principle lawn problems. 

As an impartial lawn advice blog, we write about all of them, good and bad and it is rare that the companies who are following the key principles of turf grass science and practices ever comment about our technical posts found here - there are over 450 of them to help you.

Simply type a keyword into the search facility at the top right of the site for technical articles to appear to match your search query.  In fact what happens is that they sometimes copy our advice on their own web site or refer us directly to their clients to alleviate the building quantity of requests for technical information on lawn care subjects. 

We are flattered that this happens and long may it continue but why not link back to us formally?

The Lawn Company is not a lawn treatment company and never will be.  They are a lawn care organisation that provides Advice, Service Supply and treatments as part of lawn care, renovations and construction programmes.  Their team are equally at home on Croquet Lawns, Bowling Greens and Mrs Jones's lawn.  They are used to renovating large lawns with ease and professionalism that many a professional turf manager would be proud of. 

There are too many a lawn expert out there and one of the lawn experts we know is Frank Hope who wrote the technical book 'Turf Culture' many years ago.  There are of course many others equally qualified so don't shoot us down in flames.  What you note when you read really old lawn or turf care books is that the key principles of turf culture has not changed since the lawn mower was invented.

We hope that as a lawn owner, amateur and professional, that by reading the 330 or so technical posts on this lawn blog you get a sense of ownership of the fact that we really do know what we are writing about.  What you have here is over 30 years of practical, technical and commercial knowledge all pulling together to assist you on Grass Clippings.

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