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Easter Holiday Lawn Care

Grassclippings - Happy EasterThe Easter Holidays are upon us once more and it heralds the start of the holiday season with people heading off to ski and also to sun themselves on the beach.

A week ago, the majority of the UK was basking in really warm weather with temperatures in the high teens.  At midnight tonight half a dozen water companies especially those in the South of the Country impose their hosepipe bans restricting gardeners from watering what needs watering in the garden.

I for one will be installing a micro drip irrigation system this weekend to keep the shrubs and plants going.  The rain of the last 24 hours was really needed and I can almost hear the garden heaving a sigh of relief when the rain arrived yesterday afternoon and overnight.

Not only is this form of artificial irrigation permitted by my water company despite the water restrictions but also it will save water and lots of time spent watering as the system will work to a timer and water the 100 or so garden plants and shrubs when I am asleep! 

I shall also be heavily mulching beds and borders with bark chip and fertilising the lawns too so that it can be best prepared to cope with any water shortage.  I always mow my lawns on a fairly high mower setting, which is setting 4 from lowest on a Hayter rotary and this will help the turf grasses.  If it goes brown over the summer months, I shall not worry but areas over seeded with new grass seed and top-dressed will require some handy work with the garden watering can and rose to help it germinate.  I have just had a thought that I could install an additional drip irrigator over the repaired lawn areas, after all drip irrigation is allowed and I have lots of units that could be moved across the lawn.

There are lots of articles on this lawn advice blog to help you look after your lawn this Easter Holiday.  Don’t give in to the lack of water, harness it and give your lawn a treat by killing off the moss and weeds and giving it a feed.

With the return of the rain and soil moisture, you may suddenly get an increase in worm cast activity which can be easily controlled by the application of a worm cast deterrent called CastClear, available from The Lawn Shop

Whatever you have planned for this Easter Holiday, enjoy your lawn!

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