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Growing grass is Child's Play...

Lawn Turf is turning the grass plants into a lawn that is the difficult part!

Grass will not grow everywhere despite what many gardeners think.  It prefers light and steady air flow as well as regular feeding, moisture and keeping all the baddies out like Moss, Lawn Insects, Weeds and Disease to name a few.

If you have a problem with your lawn, there is usually an underlying cause which will need to be resolved or improved before the grass will pick itself up.  Too much shade, boggy ground, poor soil, topography, compacted, over utilised, overhang from shrubs and trees, the drip, drip, drip of water coming off trees, neglect, improper maintenance and treatment regime, the list is endless!

The primary cause of a poor quality lawn may be the lack of education as to the key principles of turf grass science as after all growing grass and turning it into a lawn is a science.  A bit of botany, biology, chemistry and physics too all play a part in harmony.  Interfere with it and there will be hell to pay!

Turf grasses like shrubs in the garden do not last forever, less if the lawn is overworked or neglected or mown too short.  You cannot be reactive with a lawn much like pruning a shrub and expecting it to be restored to it's former glory a month later.

Domestic lawns require attention at least once a week and mowing it only will not reap the rewards.  It will require feeding every three months and the reactive removal of any lawn pests, lawn disease and lawn weeds and moss so as to give the turf grasses the best environment in which to grow and flourish.

Take a hard look at your lawn this weekend and seek the advice you require from Grass Clippings.  There are over 450 technical page posts to help you in your quest for a better lawn and over 31 years of experience of turf grass science. 

You are in good hands and we know that because the library of free technical lawn advice posts are read tens of thousands times a month. 

Use the SEARCH facility at the top right to add your key word like Worm Cast, Fertiliser, Turf Weeds, Fertiliser... you get the idea.  Happy reading! 


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