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In support of the Great British Lawn

Grassclippings - The Great British LawnWhilst the Ladies feverishly tend the borders and pots around the garden the Gentlemen are more interested in the quality of the sward that for them is the eternal centre of the universe.

British men have a near obsession with creating that perfect but seemingly un-obtainable perfect lawn.  If we study the consumer stats for horticulture it is clear to see that the lawn care industry, in direct contrast to gardening is big business.

British consumers are spending over £400 million on lawn care a year and increasing at over 5% a year. 

A whopping £320 million is spent on mowers and strimmers and a phenomenal £10 million on grass seed! £34 million went to the fertiliser industry on hungry swards and it is only going to get more demanding as the quest for that emerald sheen increases.

One of the driving factors for this rising spend is the quality of maintenance companies to help you but it does appear the lazy gardener is easily conned by the marketing men who, in their glossy magazines and television advertising easily seduce the consumer into thinking that the application of their product will take the real work out of creating that perfect lawn.

The Team at The Lawn Company via their online Lawn Shop, bridge the gap between the lawn care products that are available to the domestic lawn owner and what the professional turf managers use on golf courses for example.  They cannot sell all the products, especially pesticides to non professionals without the correct paperwork but one thing for sure, this lawn blog is written by a true turf professional so if help is out there, you have easy access to it and best of it all - it's free to search the 450 articles on this lawn blog to help you find the answer to your lawn care conumdrums.

All we ask in return for this wealth of free advice is to visit our busy Lawn Shop and take a look around at the lawn treatment products as we know there will be some great things to help you and your lawn, together with some helpful product information and helpful tips too.

If you are local to the usual operating area of The Lawn Company, send an enquiry and we can get back to you.  If not, you still have access to the Advice and Supply part of our organisation.



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