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We do love a dry weekend in the garden....

The Lawn Shop - Lawn Care ProductsOur Managing Editor is looking forward to getting outside in the garden this coming weekend and taking a good hard look at his lawns that have only been mown once in the past three weeks because of the wet weather in the South East.  Are you looking forward to a drier weekend too?

Last week during a gap in the wet weather, the lawns were dry enough to literally take the top off them with the mower on a high setting to tidy the garden up a bit.  The legs of the Jack Russell were disappearing in the long grass! 

The plan this weekend is to try and mow the lawns down lower, back to their usual mower setting of four on a Hayter mower and then fertilising the lawns to replace some of the nutrients washed out because of the incredible volume of rain that have passed through the soils and also to apply a worm cast product as the worms are rather active as they clear their burrows.

In further good news, parts of England are no longer in drought following the wettest April on record and continuing rain this month, the Environment Agency said today.  Drought status has been lifted for 19 counties in the South West, the Midlands and Yorkshire after heavy, persistent rain boosted river and reservoir levels, reducing pressure on the environment and water supplies.

Water companies in those areas are unlikely to impose hosepipe bans on customers this summer, the Environment Agency said. Groundwater levels are still low across the country, and parts of East Anglia and the South East remain in drought with hosepipe bans in place.

England's biggest water company, Thames Water, said it could rule out applying for a Drought Order allowing it to impose more serious restrictions on water use following the weeks of heavy rain.  But the firm warned its 8.8 million customers in London and the Thames Valley that it was too early to lift the hosepipe ban imposed early in April.

So if you get out in your garden this weekend, when you have a much needed coffee break, take a look at the lawn care products on offer in The Lawn Shop.  Their range of lawn fertilisers are sold in a 5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg unit of sale to feed large and small lawns alike.  Plan to fertilise your lawn every three months so why not take advantge of the single carriage charge up to 20 Kgs.  They are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Read more: The Daily Mail


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