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Controlling lawn weeds

Grassclippings - Dandelion FlowerIn between the constant rain showers, you may have found a slot to take a good hard look at your lawn for weeds.  I viewed one lawn today that was weed killed a few weeks ago by a lawn treatment company - weeds everywhere and only a few burnt patches.

So what would have gone wrong with the treatment?  There were no obvious treated and untreated areas as you walked across the lawn and although a few weed species were showing signs of having been burnt, most were flourishing.

Handy Lawn Treatment Tips

Know the size of your lawn in square metres so you purchase sufficient selective weed killer for the complete lawn

Do not mow three days before or after treatment.  Firstly you need some great week growth and leaf area to absorb the weed killer and also after treatment so that there is time for the weeds to take the product in down to their roots

Turf weeds can take up to four weeks to totally die.  The flower stalks will quickly start to distort after a couple of days, quicker in warm temperatures

Make sure you know the calibration of your application equipment.  The key is to put the correct amount of product in the best water volume rate over the lawn.  Too much or too little and you will not get the results

Use a temporary marker dye in the spray solution - it will let you know where you have sprayed, where you have not, where you should have not, when the sprayer is clean when you may have contaminated yourself

Read the label before use and follow the advice

Wear a coverall and non absorbent gloves

Do not compost the first clippings following weed treatment

Repeat the application about 6 weeks after the initial treatment to gain control of the weeds to make it weed free

Use pesticides safely - always

Not all weed killer active ingredients will kill the same weeds.  Mecoprop-p, Dicamba and MCPA will kill most things apart from Speedwelll, Field Wood Rush and Yellow Suckling Clover.  These trounlesome weeds will require a product based on Fluroxypyr and Chlorpyralid and more than one treatment will be required

Be patient - selective weed killers are growth hormones and they make the weeds naturally distort and twist and out grow themselves, leadiing to death and a weed free lawn.  They will not get burnt and disappear over night....

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