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Barenbrug adopt CastClear

Grassclippings - BarenbrugAs one of the largest grass seed producers in the UK, Barenbrug is a leading player, distributing more than 4,000 tonnes of grass seed each year through an efficient network in both amenity and forage markets.  

Barenbrug UK's head office is situated in Suffolk with production and distribution centres in Scotland. Their expanded Suffolk facility, stores more than 2,500 tonnes of certified clean seed. This facility provides an efficient distribution line with three grass plant mixers and five packing lines to successfully meet the increasing demand for their products.

In Scotland their 12,000sq ft Falkirk facility provides an effective local operation around Scotland and the borders, holding up to 520 tonnes of grass seed and a three tonne capacity blender the site is the most advanced blending and bagging plant in the North.

Their Green Velvet Lawn Seed web site supplies their excellent range of top quality grass seed mixtures to the domestic lawn and garden market.  They are now able to offer CastClear to their customers, having recently taken stock of CastClearin all three sizes consisting of 1,000ml to treat up to 500 sqm, 500ml to treat up to 250 sqm of lawn and the smaller 250ml to treat up to 125 sqm of lawns.  Three options in the battle to deter worms from casting in your lawn.  Mixed with water and applied via a garden sprayer, CastClearwill deter worms casting for between 10 to 20 days.  Repeat applications of CastClear are one third of the original dose rate. 

The Royal Barenbrug Group is a global seed company who specialise in plant breeding, seed production and international marketing of forage crops and turf grasses. This privately owned company was founded in 1904, and has 20 subsidiaries in 12 countries throughout 5 continents.

Not only has Barenbrug acquired the knowledge and experience of grass seed like no other company, they also ensure that the production and marketing of cultivars worldwide is controlled each step of the seed’s life, from research development through production and into the commercial world.

Research and development plays an important and vital role within the Barenbrug Company. Barenbrug has a staff of over 600 experts and a strong committed approach to the development of quality specialised products, Barenbrug have research stations situated throughout all the major climatic zones around the world.

Barenbrug works hard to pursue long term partnerships with its customers, seed growers and distributors. The Company actively participates in research alliances with major universities and institutes, along with a commitment to supporting industry associations.

Barenbrug annually produces 90,000 tonnes of seed worldwide and markets through an efficient distribution network. With over 600 experts all devoted to the development of grass seed species and cultivars, Barenbrug offers specialised support, quality products and a great service from their unique brand.  Impressive!

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