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CastClear arrives in Jersey

Grassclippings - Ship2Me Channel IslandsIn the UK, we have five types of casting worms that sadly place a mound of soil onto the surface of the lawn.  The worms will cast between the months of August through to March or at other times when the soil water ratio exceeds the soil air ratio.  Worms are just great for the soil but their casts less so.  Worm Casts create a muddy, slippery lawn surface, making it soft underfoot as the earthworms undermine the upper root zone.

CastClear is an unique non-pesticidal nutrient that increases turf health and deters wormcasts.  CastClear contains more than 5% amino nitrogen with more than 15% bio-organic sulphur.  CastClear is a unique combination of nutrient materials that have been clearly shown to reduce worm-cast levels on sports turf and lawns.  Close scientific evaluation has shown that this new product does not kill worms or reduce populations, but does deter worms from travelling through treated soils.  It is unique in using an environmentally friendly surfactant system that moves the nutrient into the upper soil structure and fixes it there; providing good persistence of deterrent effect until breaking down to natural nutrients absorbed by plant roots.  It can be used with absolute safety from first tiller formed on new seeds at low rates of application, and year round on established swards.

The main sellers of CastClear to the retail garden centre market, The Lawn Company have had lots of enquiries from lawn owners in Jersey and Guernsey and not found an inexpensive way of getting CastClear to those requiring it until now!  It was one of our customes who told us about Ship2Me Courier Service which manages the shipment of internet orders ordered by individuals from the UK Mainland over to The Channel Islands.  You simply place your orders, enter the shipping reference order and address of the shipping agent at Dock Gate 4 in Southampto and leave the rest to Ship2Me who arrange onward shipping to your door on the Channel Islands.  So much cheaper than any other courier method and a great concept owned by Jersey Post Group

So if you have annoying lawn worm casts in Jersey or Guernsey, your problem is only a few clicks away.  Visit The Lawn Shop and put your Ship2Me reference and delivery address in the shipping address and CastClear and other lawn care products will arrive at your door a few days later.  Simples!

Not in the Channel Islands?  Check out other Stockists of CastClear, the solution to lawn worm casts.


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