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Top 10 Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Grassclippings - Autumn Lawn Care TipsThe night time temperatures have started to drop and there is news of snow and frost in the media so time to light the fire and dig out your thickest woolen jumper as we head into autumn.  Did we have a summer?  The grass growth has naturally slowed and you can get away with mowing twice a month now instead of weekly with mowing yields down too.

Don't make the assumption that you can forget about the lawn at the end of October until March as such a thought is foolish.  Autumn can be a busy time in the garden and there is still time to renovate your lawn and get it ship shape for next spring time.

With the foggy and misty days and little wind, there is a lot of Red Thread Disease and Fusarium Disease around currently.  What we need are a couple of dry days with a stiff wind over the lawn to help dry the surface a little.  Our office lawn has been covered with a heavy dew for days!

Search this lawn advice blog and it's 470 articles with any of the key words mentioned in this text for more articles on the subject matter.  We work hard to make sure that you receive accurate, professional and timely lawn advice.

Here are our top 10 tips to keeping your lawn great this autumn:-

 1.  Keep mowing the lawn, even if it is only once every four weeks or so
 2.  Make sure you remove the dead leaves and needles off the lawn weekly
 3.  Trim back any over hanging shrubs and bushes that are growing over the lawn
 4.  Fertilise the lawn with a good autumn lawn fertiliser, sooner than later
 5.  Control any moss and lawn weeds now
 6.  Aerate the lawn monthly over the autumn and winter months
 7.  Control the worm casts to prolong the mowing season and retain the grass cover
 8.  Keep off frosty lawns until the frost has burnt off in the autumn sunshine
 9.  Buy a Lawn Guide to get a greater insight into lawns and their care
10. In your new 2013 diary, make an entry to fertilise the lawn every three months

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