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Coping with flooded lawns

Grassclippings - Paddling in PuddlesThere is no denying the fact, this year has had it's fair share of rainfall!  Not bad for a gardening year that started off with a drought order and hose pipe bans.  Mad!

At times throughout this year, your lawns(s) may have experienced some flooding in isolated problem or a maybe all over.  When your house and garden are both flooded, why worry about the garden when the house and contents are so more important to resolve the problem and if you are experiencing flooding currently, we send you our best wishes and hope that you can get back to normal in the minimum amount of time. 

We just love the fact that the insurance companies are already stating and bleating that some homes may not get insurance for flooding in the future.  That's not very helpful when they have been happily taking premiums off you for the past ten years without a flood claim! They are just rubbish and should all be shot at dawn.

If you have water pooling on your lawn after heavy rain, have a quick think of where the water may be coming from:

  1. Is it rainfall only, in which case the soil should naturally drain by gravity after a while.
  2. Is the water from run off from a hard surface such as a patio or terrace or driveway, in which case it should be caught with a drain before it reaches the lawn or garden.
  3. Is the water coming from next door, whose property and garden maybe higher?  If this is the case, they have a legal right to stop their water entering your property.
  4. If above is the case, have your neighbours changed the landscaping in their garden to create an impermeable hard landscaped area like a terrace or patio or shed base or driveway.  The water that once drained now cannot.
  5. 5mm of rain over a 500 sqm terrace is a lot of rain and water to get rid of.  At times we have had over 25mm of rain in a few hours.  That's a lot of rain for the soil to absorb and drain so be patient.
  6. Is the lawn so compacted, only the top few centimetres are sodden and underneath the soil is fairly dry?  Time for some aeration to ease the compaction
  7. Is the water coming from the flower borders?  You can install a catchement drain alongside the border where it meets the lawn and/or raise your lawn up in level
  8. Have you or your neighbour removed one or more trees from your/their garden?  The tree(s) would have taken up a lot of water and now it is readily available.
  9. If you have drainage, is it working?  Is the outfall working and flowing after rain?



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