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Lawn Edging Options

Lawn Edging One of the most important aspects of a lawn is the grass content and density but also as important the lawn edge where it meets a pathway, driveway or flower border.  

In the scenario where the lawn meets a flower border, over time because of the foot traffic of the gardener tending to the border, the edges of the lawn will naturally dip down towards the border.  Alongside the edges of driveways, lawns will soon get driven over or driveway material through up onto the lawn making mowing hazardous.

One sure way of preventing a lawn edge getting lower, driven over or misshaped is to install a lawn edging material.  This could comprise of concrete, brick, wood, and stone, metal, plastic, each material having a lifetime and you basically get what you pay for. 

One really smart system is EverEdge, which comes in hand 1 metre lengths and depths of 75/100/125 mm depths.  It is made out of steel 1.6 mm thick and has 95mm spikes to help set it into the soil.  Each piece is connected to the next and the material can be gently bent and shaped to create right angles and curves as you plan the shape of the lawn.  There are several colours to choose from classical brown, to slate, green and black.  It is sold in packs only containing 5 x 1 metre lengths.  When you order, please allow 5% extra to allow for the joins.  

All you need to perform the task is a string line, a rubber mallet, a spirit level and a flat screwdriver.  It makes sense to pre trim the lawn before installing the edging steels.  You can easily mix and match the varying depths so that you are not trying to install the 125mm when 75mm will suffice but need to install the 125mm if the lawn needs building up where it has dipped so much. 

Having installed a lot of EverEdge personally, you need to work out the starting level of the first corner bearing in mind the levels of hard landscaping etc and you can also purchase retaining pins and sleeve if there is not a lot to secure the EverEdge in.  It is handy to pre plan the lengths so that you always bend a 1 metre length in the middle of the piece rather at the end when it is hard to do.  Always make sure a cut (not joined) is in the middle of the lawn and out of view.  It is handy to have two people to install the system so that when you hit one end of a section of EverEdge with the rubber mallet, the other end may be retained in place.  Always half install a run and then start at the start and complete the install piece by piece. 

Once you have installed the complete system, on an existing lawn the lawn will probably need building up lawn side by top dressing and over seeding but always over seed and top dress two metres into the lawn so that it will blend in otherwise you end up with a neat line of grass seed on the boundary which looks a little odd!  Remember that you may need to top dress a couple of times to ensure that the finished lawn edge is at right angles!

For larger projects, you can also get EverEdge in a ProEdge, which comes in length of 2.5 metres with depths of 75/100/125mm in a minimum quantity of 20 pieces.  It has a thickness of 2.5mm instead of the usual 1.6mm.

If you are using a rotary lawn mower, one side of the rotor deck is wider on one side making it easy to overhang lawn edging.  As the majority of blades rotate clockwise, when you are moving a lawn alongside always make the pass so that any clippings that do not end up in the grass box get thrown over the lawn to be cut rather than the pathway.  A handy tip, that saves time sweeping the path after mowing….

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