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Which? evaluate CastClear

WhichAt Which? their Team test more than 2,500 products every year, from toasters to cars and everything in between - but they don't stop there. They also put service providers under the microscope, assessing their quality of service provision, terms and conditions, and customer satisfaction.

Which? spend around £3.5m on research each year and whether they're conducting an undercover investigation or simply buying products they send to their labs, everything is done anonymously and independently. Each of the products that they lab test are bought from regular sources: places where typical consumers might shop, such as everyday high street shops and online retailers.

Their Which? Gardening Team led by Adelaide Gray, their Senior Researcher back in November 2012, purchased the CastClear - a lawn worm cast suppressant to trial the product on her lawn. lawn specialist treatment, lawn company, weed free

Claims - A spray to reduce the number of worm casts on your lawn for up to 20 days.  The chemical liquid breaks down into nutrients absorbed by the grass.  A 1000 ml bottle contains enough worm cast deterrent to treat 1000 sqm of lawn from September to March, when the worms are most active.  £29.99 for 1 Litre or £19.99 for 500ml.

Our Verdict- Personally, I'd put up with the casts to keep worms busy in the lawn, but if you're fed up with muddy shoes, it might be worth deterring them.  You'll need to dilute this and use a large garden sprayer to get a blanket application.  I counted the worm casts on my lawn, sprayed half and left the rest untreated.  It's not harmful to children or pets (or worms), but smells bad and lingered for a few hours.  After a week, there were a handful of new casts on the treated lawn, but it looked greener and less muddy than the untreated half, which had more than 70 new casts.  CastClear claims it will deter worms for up to 20 days - we'll update you on how long it lasted in a later issue.

Where to buy- Amazon, eBay and Garden CentresThe Lawn Shop and other approved CastClear Stockists

Content: - Which? Gardening Magazine

Date: Jan/Feb 2013 


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