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Controlling Worm Casts in France, Germany and Ireland

Grass Clippings - CastClear Three TierWith the pesticide active ingredient Carbendazim or Carbendazime as it is known in France, having had its' product registration revoked, professional turf managers in France, Germany an Ireland to name a few, are struggling to find a solution of controlling earthworm casts on their playing surfaces.

Don't under estimate how many worms your lawn can have per a single square metre as the minimum can be around 45 and the maximum recorded 170!  Actual worm cast numbers of between 45 and 119 per a single square metre have been recorded with the average 45.  That's a lot of sticky soil on the surface of a lawn in amongst the grass plants that you could do without.

If you are trying to create a sports surface such as a golf or bowling green or even a tennis court, having a grass surface covered in worm casts would be impossible to play on and also prepare.  Added to this, the soil casts easily squash when walked on and smear across the turf grasses, smothering them and thinning them.  Cylinder mowers whether predestrianised or self-propelled will get their bottom blades and cutting cylinders clogged up with mud and rolling a surface covered in sticky lawn worm casts is hysterical to say the least!  Sportsmen and women do not like playing amongst a lot of worm casts.

The primary distributors of CastClear since 2010, The Lawn Company Ltd based in Woking, Surrey, have sent quite a few consignments of CastClear already to France, Germany and Ireland.  The worm cast suppressant is totally non-pesticide and although it automatically has an EAS Number and a product safety data sheet is enclosed with the consignment, the product is easily cleared at Customs on both sides of the water.  A delivery of say 5 x 1 Litres to France, weighing 8.25 Kg will cost around £30.00 and take just under a week to arrive.  With 1 Litre of CastClear treating up to 500 square metres and repeat applications at just one third the initial dose rate, it is quite economical, especially when you do not have any other product to hand to solve the worm cast problems.  It works exactly the same way as Carbendazime but the frequency of application is sooner for CastClear.

So if you are responsible for a turf area in France, Germany or Ireland or indeed any where else in Europe, CastClear can cross borders with ease so why put up with worm casts on your playing surface.

Contact The Lawn Company Team for more details and visit the CastClear Web Site for more details.


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