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A good use of musical Christmas Cards

Grassclippings - MolesOn Grassclippings, there are over 650 lawn related articles to help you but the comments we receive are often a better source of advice! 

One reader recently commented 'I have had moles in my lawn and I was told by a friend to put the playing gadget from a birthday card into the hole and they will go away - it works- the must only be able to stand Happy Birthday to you so many times!'   We thank you for this useful tip.  A handy way of losing that annoying musical christmas card from your Grandma maybe..

 Should you need an approved and very reliable way of trapping Moles in your garden, take a look at the Beagle EasySet Mole Trap.

Mole catching myths
There are many myths and old wives' tales about mole catching. Here we give you the real story...
Moles will smell the trap
This myth comes in a variety of different formats such as “you must not touch the trap with your hands”, “you must bury a new trap in the ground for three days before you catch moles”, “you must wear gloves”, and “you must not store the traps near oil, petrol, etc.” All of this is complete rubbish. Moles do have a good sense of smell, but scientific research has shown that these smells will not deter them. The only scents that they will avoid are those of other moles or those of predators such as weasels.
I need a Duffus Trap that will catch two moles at once
Although some people do report this, it is generally a fairly rare occurrence. There are three circumstances where it might happen. One, during peak breeding season (the first two weeks of March) when males are off searching for a mate; two, when you have been lucky enough to hit upon a shared section of tunnel between two adjacent burrows; and three, when you have simply not bothered to check a trap for a couple of weeks and another mole has moved in. Otherwise, moles are extremely solitary creatures and do not co-habit burrows, so there is little advantage to a trap that might have the capability of catching two moles.
You must not disturb the soil at the bottom of the run
The logic behind this is that if you alter the run in any way, the mole will know and will not enter the trap. In actual fact, there is some truth behind this since piles of soil will slow the mole down and he may also decide to clear the tunnel by pushing the soil in front on him; triggering the trap before he enters it. When setting the trap, do not worry about disturbing the soil while digging, but make sure that you clear out any loose soil and tamp down the bottom of the run so that it is smooth and clear of obstructions. Also ensure that no part of the trap (except the trigger) is in the line of the run. The killing hoops or pincers should be buried in the floor/side walls of the run.
There is no need for traps. Sonar devices, plants, or castor oil smokes can repel moles
Although many people may claim that these approaches work, each is flawed. Sonar devices may deter moles initially however their range is very limited (only around 10m) and moles often return once they get used to the sound. The plant in question is Euphorbia Lathyris. Research at the University of California has shown that plants have no effect on moles; rather they simply tend to grow in soil that does not provide a good habitat for moles. Using mole smokes to line the tunnel with castor oil or other unpleasant substances may cause the mole to stop using these tunnels, however this will usually lead only to another digging spree as the mole digs alternative tunnels around the now uninhabitable ones. This will simply lead to even more mole hills.
Flood the tunnel
Many people have tried this. It is, quite simply, a waste of water. Moles are very strong swimmers and can hold their breath for up to 10 minutes. The mole will retreat to higher ground, and return when the water has drained away.


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