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Hard Surface Moss Control

Hard Surface Moss Control - MossgardMoss and Algae are simple plants and will grow anywhere there is moisture, including brick walls, stone and block paving and at the base of wooden garden storage lockers such as wood stores.

If these areas are walked on, they will soon become slippery and unsafe.  Left uncontrolled, the algae and mosses start the eco system of plant vegetation and before you know it, you have weed grasses growing as well.

As soon as you get get some dryish weather, you should apply with a garden sprayer a hard surface algae and moss control product to stem the spread of the problem.  There are hundreds of patio cleaners in garden retail, all claiming to work.

One trialed and tested product sold by The Lawn Shop is a product called Mossgard.  It's a combination of non-staining nutrients originally developed for moss on artificial surfaces. Mossgard can be used also on all types of turf as a preventative to the growth and development of moss and hard surfaces too.  It will give a season long control of algae and mosses on non crop areas, keeping them safe and visually nice for users and owners.

The image above features a restaurant area of Sandele Eco Retreat in The Gambia taken this January where they used Mossgard last autumn at the end of the rainy season on their pathways around the eco resort.  They also need to have sprayed it on the stonework to get them nice and clean.

Mossgard provides foliar and root-absorbed Iron and Copper. It also has been observed to have a beneficial effect on squidge and algal growths when applied as a nutrient to improve turf health.

Use only with Lawn Shop Spray Indicator Dyes as alternatives may not be compatible with liquids containing copper.  Contains 30g/lt Chelated Iron, 70g/lt Copper

Apply at 0.3 litres in a minimum of 30 litres of water of water to treat 500 square metres.  Pack will treat up to 8,000 square metres.  Apply as part of a programme of treatments.

Should you require moss control for turf, take a look at The Lawn Shop, Soluble Iron for Moss Control in Lawns


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