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Free lawn advice 24/7

Grass Clippings - Lawn Advice OnlineWe don't blow our own trumpet often but we are quite pleased how many visitors and page views our lawn advice site gets each week.  That's almost 1,200 page views today and it's only 14:00 GMT and 15,170 in the past week.

With over 1.2 million page views since it's conception, do you think that this lawn advice blog has turned into an invaluable resource for lawn owners in the UK and abroad? 

We think it's made it but if you disagree, please comment.  If you are a regular reader of our scribblings and have really benefited from our timely, technically correct and professional knowledge on the subject of lawns and their care then please tell us!  We hope your lawn has enjoyed the advice too.

We receive many emails seeking our knowledge from the UK and abroad.  The next blog post will be from a reader in the USA.  Our principal and technical chap in the office is Mike Seaton, who has over 32 years knowledge of the lawn and professional turf care industry.  He is listed as a turf specialist on Expert Sources.

A lot of main stream gardening magazines will be featuring lawns and their maintenance and care in the next month or so n their magazines and online.  To be honest, we find some of their lawn articles a little disjointed as they do not flow and always seem to promote techniques that rightly or wrongly are decades old when sometimes, there are new products and methods and machinery and products to help lawn owners in their quest for the perfect lawn.  Do their technical writers go to work on a horse and cart and not have mobile phones that can do most things including making phone calls!

We will happily write articles for the garden media upon request and technical extracts can be lifted from this site which is fine, we cannot stop you but it is always nice to be credited when our content appears elsewhere as it is subject to copyright.  If you do get the task of writing about how to care for your lawn in the months ahead, put your keywords into the search facility to search over 700 technical articles on lawns and their care.

If you are a RHS or Horticultural College Student seeking advice on lawns we can really see the spike on the site when you get to the topic of lawns in your course!  Tell your fellow students and lecturers too.  One day we will get around to turning it all into a lawn care book.



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